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Aug 18, 2009 11:56 AM

OSLO & Stockholm

What is the best restaurant in these towns, don't care if its fried fish on a viking ship or a 3 star whats the best place to go? We are going in 2 weeks.

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  1. There are many good restaurants in Oslo, and as soon as you go a little upscale, food prices are not horrible compared to international standards. Prices for wine, though, are ridiculous.

    Here are some of my favorites:

    Fine dining (booking in advance is a must):
    Bagatelle - French 2 star. Very expensive.
    Oscars Gate - Creative with Scandinaivan, French and Italian influences - 1 star
    Statholdergaarden - Scandinavian 1 star
    Le Canard - French 1 star
    Palace Grill - Creative Scandinavian. Informal restaurant, but amazing food - no reservations - show up at 6 and have drinks at the bar before dinner

    Affordable fine dining (book in advance):
    Oro - Creative Scandinavian
    Ylajali - French/Scandinavian
    Eik - Creative Scandinavian
    Fjord - Fish
    Klosteret - French/Scandinavian - very romantic candlelit basement
    Ekebergrestauranten - French/Scandinavian with amazing view of the city. Take a tram to get there.
    Cru - Scandinavian. Wine place with many options by the glass.
    Solsiden - Fish and shellfish. Only open in summer. Great location for outdoor dining if the weather is nice. A bit expensive for the quality of the food.
    Nodee - High-end Chinese and Sushi right by Frognerparken.
    Alex Sushi - One of the best sushi places in Europe(?)
    Dinner - Schezuan Chinese - a bit upscale for a Chinese place - always packed
    Xich Lo - Vietnamese - not really fine dining, but really good

    Pascal - French bistro and bakery with Scandinavian influences- good food and amazing cakes
    Theatercafeen - Go for the atmosphere rather than the food, popular among financiers, artists and politicians
    Beach Club - Diner - Great burgers
    Brasserie France - French bistro - traditional
    Olivia - Italian - good option for outdoor dining

    Delicatessen - Spanish tapas - no reservations, so be prepared to drink beer while you wait. Pretty loud.
    Bollywood - Indian
    Rehmans - Indian
    Mucho Mas - Mexican/California
    Enoteca - Italian with good winelist
    Rice Bowl - Thai/Vietnamese - no alcohol
    Nam Fah - Thai - tasty and cheap - note that their Grünerløkka branch is only take-away

    1. WOW. Thanks for all the info, my wife and I are going next week and we are going to go to Bagatelle.

      Thank you

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        I'm delighted to help.

        You'll definitely have an amazing time at Bagatelle with flawless food and excellent service. However, if you have dined at French 2* Michelin restaurants before, you may have a more unique experience at one of the other options.

        Oscars Gate is a very small restaurant (seats 20) run by a group of young chefs with experience from top restaurants around the world (including El Bulli) with an excellent and very playful 8 course (+++) menu. They got their first Michelin star this year. NOK 1095 prix fixe.

        Palace Grill is not for everyone, but it is definitely an Oslo staple, that has been true to its rock'n'roll gourmet concept for years. Informal, small and intimate dining room. The serving staff has a personality (be friendly to them, or they will not be friendly to you). You order the 10 course fixed menu, lean back and spend four hours in foodie heaven. No reservations, so show up early (no later than 6, earlier on Fridays and Saturdays). They do only one seating per night, so as soon as you have confirmed that you have a table, you can enjoy drinks in their bar next door until you're ready to eat. 850 prix fixe.

        Mark-up on wine will also be significantly lower at these places compared to Bagatelle.

        No matter where you go, I hope you will post a report afterwards.