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Aug 18, 2009 11:51 AM

Looking for good beef pho in Hong Kong

I was craving a bowl of good beef pho the other day and ending up going to Pearl Vietnamese Restaurant in Central since my buddy told me Nha Trang has too much MSG. Overall it was a decent bowl of pho but not great. The main issue I have with it was that the noodles was a tad stodgy and a bit too soft/soggy. Anyone know of any good pho places in HK? Best if it can be on HK Island. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. this is really unorthodox, but I quite like the beef pho at Ricepaper (Ocean Terminal, TST and World Trade, causeway bay).

      Nha Trang from what I know doesn't use much, or any msg - I've never had a problem and it's my go-to for pho.

      Pho 26 in Wanchai & Sheung Wan is ok when I'm desperate, but they definitely use MSG and the noodles are a bit pasty.

      And I wouldn't bother with the Ameri-Viet Pho Hoa - a total disappointment.

      Pho Tai in Sheung Wan is big on MSG too, the only thing going for them is the use of a really tasty herb that looks like mini lettuce leaves with ragged/serrated edges.

      I've yet to try Pho Saigon, or pho at other Vietnamese places like the venerable "Yin Ping" in Causeway. So in short, I haven't had any 'wow' pho in HK that's as good as Pho Dzung in Melbourne (the irony).

      1. Maybe you can check out 越南亞呂 in Hung Hom.

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            in tin hau, vietnam station is better. it gets very crowded though


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              Ok, so far I've tried 3 pho places in Central:

              Pearl Vietnamese Restaurant: Pretty decent but I thought the noodles were a tad stodgy/soft and after trying the other places I found the soup not that flavorful. MSG is minimal.

              Nha Trang: Tried this today. Soup was flavorful, noodles pretty good and I liked the mint leaves they added. My gripe with this dish was the beef. I'm not super knowledgeable about beef but it felt like low quality meat to me and it was also way too lean. Also the MSG didn't help.

              Lian (IFC): To me out of the 3 places Lian has the most satisfying bowl of pho. The downside? The price. The lunch beef pho special (which includes a small appetizer) costs $140. The MSG was minimal, noodles smooth and beef (US prime) was tasty.

              Probably need to try the other places you guys mention :)

              1. re: big_apple_ken

                Talking about pricey beef pho, you can give Golden Bull Vietnamese Cuisine @ Ocean Terminal a try. It uses Australian Wagyu Beef for its "beef pho" and carry a price tag of around $100 (including 10% service charge if I recall correctly). Note: that is the ONLY beef pho available there, no other option as in normal beef.

                1. re: jason.bonvivant

                  I actually follow your blog Jason. So Golden Bull is worth a try? What's your top pick for beef pho in Hong Kong?

                  1. re: big_apple_ken

                    o o o thanks for your support and encouragement big_apple_ken!! I had the Golden Bull's beef pho a long while ago but I can still remember it being offered so I think it was alright when I had it., LOL ... Honestly, I haven't really had great beef pho in Hong Kong thus far, I always find that small locally / family run Vietnam restaurants overseas are able to prepare way better beef pho (especially the soup base) better than many Hong Kong "pho" restaurants.I am yet to find a really good beef pho in Hong Kong! (maybe it is time to start a little "pho" quest around town! yeah! ...)

                    1. re: jason.bonvivant

                      It's funny cause I actually thing the hole the wall Vietnamese place my buddies and I go to in New York City is actually better than any place I have tried in Hong Kong. Now than I am back home I think it might be time to do a trip to Vietnam and get a bowl of the real stuff...haha.

          2. There are a few places in Kowloon City. I know it may be a bit of trek, but Kowloon City is a hot spot for Vietnamese and Thai restaurants (Kowloon City used to be dubbed little chiang mai back in the 60s). mmm. Tons of them there.