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Aug 18, 2009 11:20 AM

Moderately priced restaurant in Columbus for group dining

I'm trying to decide on a good place in Columbus for a birthday dinner for a group of around 10 or so. Hoping for good food, good drinks, and good atmosphere, but at a place where most entrees would be under $20 (this is a group of graduate students!)

When I try searching for good places in Columbus, the usual very expensive options always come up. I am into any type of food, in the central Columbus or north/northeast area.


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  1. My suggestion would be Figlio (FEE-lee-o) in Grandview Heights. There is also another location in Upper Arlington, but isn't located two blocks from a Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream.

    The interior is very clean and modern. The food is very good and not doused in sauce. While I can't attest to the pizza, the rest of the menu is very good. The setting is actually better than some of the more expensive restaurants in the area. For that price range I think it achieves all of your objectives.

    Afterward you have to walk down to Jeni's for ice cream.

    I reviewed Jeni's here:

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      Yeah, you can't beat Jeni's ... that might be the deciding factor!

    2. Not too far from OSU is a great Italian place, Trattoria Roma, on Grandview Ave. When is your dinner? Their menu offers great deal Mon-Fri from 4-6 p.m. 2 for $20, here is a link to their web site with menus: They also have a Ladie's Night Out special on Wednesdays. They are also pretty close to Jeni's in Grandview.

      You might also check out Basi Italia in the Short North. It is small, reservations would definitely be necessary: You could do main course with shared apps for around $20.

      The Banana Bean Cafe on Greelawn in the Brewery District has a Floribbean theme and would suit your price range as well.

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      1. re: Diane in Bexley

        Thanks for the ideas. As I was thinking, it seems the best way to get good but not super-expensive food is to go Italian. I've been to Banana Bean for brunch but not for dinner - might be worth checking out. Too bad it's not in a nicer area!!!

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          There are several restaurants in the Short North that would fit your price range. Haihu is excellent for pan asian, as is Lemongrass. La Fogatta is fun and festive and would make a great place for a birthday party. I love Basi, but no way for a party of ten, unless you do the outdoor patio, and get there at 5:00.