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Aug 18, 2009 11:13 AM

Hong Kong Pantyhose Milk Tea competition winners - anyone tried the 3 places?

For those who can read Chinese

There was recently a Pantyhose Milk Tea competition in Hong Kong that didn't get covered by the English press.

Anyone had a chance to try these yet and how do they compare with Lan Fong Yuen in Central and Golden Phoenix/Gum Fung in Wanchai?

The winner

大發餐廳 (Tai Fat

Openrice page:

2nd runner up:

太興燒味餐廳 Tai Hing Roast Restaurant (iced version 冰鎮奶茶, note that they keep the ice outside, not in the drink, I believe this is purely a Tai Hing invention

3rd place
鄭記士多 (Cheng Kee See Dor


深井(Shum Tseng, yes the roast goose place). Charging upwards of HK$68 a cup! I wonder if they brew it with roast goose liver juice.

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  1. Tai Hing's milk tea is a prime example of HK-style milk tea. Strong tea flavours (a little acidic) yet smooth, thick and milky. Colour verges on terracotta. The ice on the outside is a great idea because it prevents the tea from being watered down. Not sure it's a TH invention, but it's a good idea nonetheless.

    I had no idea Cheng Kee was in Sham Tseng - and I live around there! Will try it out and report back. Never tried Tai Fat either, but it's a bit far out to go for a milk tea...

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      Local writer Eric Wong in his article describes his experience with milk tea at Gum Fung in Wanchai, where a staff member there tells him that 冰鎮奶茶is a 太興 invention.

      Log in to read it (it's in Chinese), signing up is free. It's a fantastic writeup too

      I'll make Tai Hing a must-visit whenever I visit HK again!

      1. re: e_ting

        Was the location of Tai Hing Restaurant that's actually IN Tai Hing the first one?

        1. re: Luther

          Hi Luther, not sure what you mean by "in Tai Hing"? Not aware that there's a geographical location called Tai Hing...

          K K, thanks for the knowledge. I see you're a big fan of Eric Wong! I've seen you post links to his site a couple of times :) Too bad I haven't much patience for reading Chinese (my formal Chinese is worse than a primary sch kid haha)

          1. re: e_ting

            My understanding (from the internet) is that it's an area in Tuen Mun.


            1. re: Luther

              Interesting - but I don't think the restaurant is from that area because the two "Tai"s are actually different words in Chinese.

              Just found that Tai Hing (the restaurant) actually has a website. They're from Saiwanho :

              1. re: e_ting

                ahhh right. A better transliteration would be "Dai Hing" for the geographic location.