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September 2009 COTM: Southern Month!

It was a close race but we have a winner- September 2009 will be Southern Month featuring Bon Appetit Y'all and Screen Doors and Sweet Tea.

There have been two lengthy threads discussing efforts with BAYA:

And here are the Amazon links to both books:
(Amazon link http://tinyurl.com/mj22xm
(Amazon link http://tinyurl.com/m4qzja


Looking forward to it!

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  1. Many thanks, Yamalam, and good luck with your 6 months of organizing COTM. I've ordered the Screen Doors and Sweet Tea book and await it's arrival with baited breath and open mind.... or should that be with open palate? September may just be the perfect month to make and savor the flavors of the South given that so many vegetables are havested throughout the country now. I'm looking forward to reading Screen Doors and cooking more wonderful meals from each book. Happy Cooking, Y'All.....

    1. The quickest of google searches yielded these recipe results for Screen Doors and Sweet Tea, for those looking for a taste of what's inside.

      Apricot Rice Salad

      All for Okra and Okra for All

      Cheese Grits

      Slow Low Oven Ribs

      Ponchatoula Strawberry Cupcakes

      Catfish Ceviche

      Sweet Tea, Fried Chicken, Three Day Slaw, Sweet Potato Biscuits, and Banana Pudding

      Ain't No Thing Chicken Wings

      Blue Cheese Pecan Bread

      Sweet Tea Pie

      Root Beer Glazed Ham

      Blackberry Limeade

      Silent Shade Cobbler

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      1. re: yamalam

        I looked at the "Sweet Tea, Fried Chicken ...." you link. You can hear the South in her voice. The little discussion about crooked neck spoons had me laughing and nodding my head.

        1. re: yayadave

          So.... are you going to join us this month??

          1. re: Gio

            I couldn't get interested in the current choice. On the other hand, after the BAY'A threads, I find myself with FOUR new southern cookbooks, and I have never cooked from the Frank Stitt book that I HAD. So I may just work with the links on the thread, here. But I really do like the name of this book! She writes well, too. Her discussion on fryin' chicken is pretty thorough. Yep, I jess might dip ma toe in da water. With all the good cooks who'll be posting here, I may just try to keep my head down.

            I always join you, even if I don't mention it.

            1. re: Gio

              Does Screendoor have a recipe for tomato pie? BAY'A does not.

              1. re: yayadave

                I don't have the book with me, Dave, and can't remember. Perhaps someone else can answer now. If not, I'll be back at Chowhound tonight.

                  1. re: Boudleaux

                    There is a tomato casserole thingy with breadcrumbs on top that she classifies as a buffet dish but no pie.

                    1. re: GretchenS

                      Thanks all. We probably just need a tomato pie thread.

          2. Thanks, yamalam!

            Virginia Willis has a bunch of recipes on her website and her on her blog. Links below:



            1. Screen Doors arrived today. I need to be convinced..... Marked off a bunch of recipes.
              Vee shall see........

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              1. re: Gio

                My copy of Screen Doors and Sweet Tea arrived yesterday. I don't know about the recipes, but I find the stories and quotes and so charming and engaging. A bit less name-drop-y than BAY'A. I hope we'll find the recipes in SD&ST are as good as the ones in BAY'A . I'm pleasantly surprised to find many that aren't as fat-laden as I feared.

                I had never heard of tomato pie before this thread, but now that I've heard of it, I lament that there's not a recipe for it. SD&ST has a dish called Tallahatchie Tomatoes i that is a baked tomatoes and such with a bread crumb topping. That wouldn't be it, would it?


                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  Good Morning TDQ.....
                  Yes, Ms Foose is a good story teller with a lively sense of humor. I'm sure I'll find some recipes I'll like among those I've signaled out.

                  From what I've read the tomato pie has been credited to Paula Deen, but Google found several other recipes including an Amish one. I can't believe that the tomato pie is a recent invention when one considers how long pizza's been around.

                  Paula Deen's recipe:

                  Amish Savory Tomato Pie:

                  1. re: Gio

                    I only just came across it here:
                    That's what brought it to mind. I looked in a few books I have and didn't find recipes for it. That's why I asked. There are recipes on-line. Maybe it's just something folks throw together and don't think belongs in an actual cookbook.

                    1. re: yayadave

                      Those photos really mnake the pie look scrumptious. I can just imagine the calories. Is too much of a good thing really... bad?

                      1. re: Gio

                        What calories? If you don't want all that cheese, just layer some healthy slices of Spam on top in stead of the high calorie cheeses.

                      2. re: yayadave

                        Well, those do sound delicious, Gio and YYD. So, are you thinking that it's not necessarily a "classic" Southern dish, just one Paula Deen invented? Or, are you thinking it's such a basic dish, no one but Deen has ever bothered to write it down. Sort of like, who writes down the recipe for a BLT sandwich or something?


                        1. re: The Dairy Queen

                          I think it's been going on for a long time. Where are the ladies of the South to tell us?

                          1. re: yayadave

                            Somewhere I have a really good tomato pie recipe and friend gave me years ago (long before Paula Dean hit the scene). I think it came from a B & B somewhere in North Carolina. It's quite different from PD's recipe. I think it has very thinly sliced Vidalia onions, along with the tomatoes. I'll hunt for it.

                            1. re: onrushpam

                              More on tomato pie, which "seems to be everywhere this summer" on Smitten Kitchen's blog, from whence cometh the quote:

                              1. re: Gio

                                This is a fine recipe with helpful comments. Thanks Gio. I think experiments with this recipe should be reported on the September COTM thread. It's only right!

                                1. re: yayadave

                                  I agree. Southern is as Southern does. Er.... is the addition of corn Southern? Does it matter? If the final dish tastes great....

                                  1. re: Gio

                                    Well, corn is certainly a beloved ingredient in southern cooking.

                                    1. re: Gio

                                      I saved a few recipes randomly from the web just to have some options and comparisons and suggestions. None of them have corn. But just from looking at BAY'A, I think pikawicca's comment is dead on.

                  2. I have both books and will enjoy Southern month when I get back from Italy 9/04.
                    I think it'll be interesting and fun; interactions between born Southerners like myself and those to whom it's a new forum. Can't wait!

                    1. In addition to these two books, I also have a great little book called Southern Cakes. If there were still a DCOTM, I would suggest that it be added as an extra!

                        1. Little help needed from those of you who have both books:)

                          I have BAYA but not SDST and I'm trying to put together the chapter threads. From googling I think I have a list of the SDST chapters, or at least their main gist. I was thinking of having the following chapter threads:

                          Cocktails and Appetizers
                          Soups, Stews, Gumbos, Dumplings and Bisques
                          Eggs and Dairy
                          Fish and Shellfish
                          Grits, Pasta, Potatoes, Rice
                          Biscuits and Baked Goods
                          Sauces, Condiments, Jams, Jellies and Preserves

                          Does that leave anything out? Is that too condensed, or not condensed enough? Thanks for your input, I tried to get both books in time, but alas, life got in the way, so I appreciate the SDST experts chiming in on whether most recipes from that book would easily fall into the above classifications;)

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                          1. re: yamalam

                            Hi yamalam, I'm hardly an expert on SD&ST, although I have had the book an ENTIRE 24 hours now, but shall chime in nevertheless. I find her chapters a little odd, actually, so I think your organization is pretty good, though I do have a couple of questions.

                            Her chapter on salads is actually "luncheons" and she has one sandwich recipe. I don't know where that would go in your scheme, but for one sandwich, is it worth bothering?

                            Where would beans go? With vegetables?

                            And are biscuits and baked goods both savory and sweet? She has a section that's called "hot from the oven" that is different from desserts, but it contains gingerbread and doughnuts. I'm not sure where those go in your scheme.

                            These are just small things....


                            1. re: The Dairy Queen

                              Thanks, I think I'll put beans in with the vegetables, and sandwiches in with...Appetizers? Hmm, as far as the sweet baked goods, I think I will leave those separate from Desserts, as BAYA has some sweet breads in the baked good section too. Appreciate your help!!!

                              1. re: yamalam

                                Sounds perfect to me! As always, thanks for coordinating all of this!


                                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                  I ended up combining the desserts and baked goods chapters, as COTM is usually overwhelmingly more cooking than baking. Plus it's summer and oven=groan!

                            2. re: yamalam

                              Hi yamalam, I got my book yesterday evening and as Dairy Queen says, the organization of the book is odd. I think I like your organization better and would prefer that over what's actually in the book.

                              Just in case you decide to stick to the actual organization, her capters go like this:

                              Mailbox happy hour and pick up party food
                              Luncheons, salads and dressings
                              Gumbos, soups, dumpling and a bisque
                              Dishes form the backyard and kitchen
                              Field peas, greens, sides and the like
                              Hot from the oven
                              The sweetest things

                              Thanks for organizing.

                            3. Ok, though it may a serious faux pas to be so early, I just put the Sept threads up. I know I'll be too busy tonight and by the time I can get to it tomorrow, it'll be late afternoon Eastern time. I'll wait to ask CH to sticky them and try to hold off on posting my review of the broccoli grape tomato salad, which was awesome!

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                              1. re: yamalam

                                U don't have to "hold off." U deserve to get a head start.