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Aug 18, 2009 10:33 AM

Breakfast near Oak Street Beach

Will be in town for a wedding this weekend and am looking for suggestions for breakfast near Oak Street Beach. An egg sandwich or bagel would be fine. Am more interested in the gawking and atmosphere than the quality.


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  1. MORE FOR BREAKFAST: From Oak Street walk along Lake Shore Drive (Michigan Avenue becomes LSD) for a block to Bellevue. Turn left and walk the long lovely block of 1880's townhouses. At the end of the block just before you get to State/Rush, on your right will be the Original Pancake House, a neighborhood favorite. They will have anything you could possibly want for breakfast.

    MORE FOR ATMOSPHERE: Alternative if it's Saturday morning---turn right on State/Rush and go a couple blocks more to Division. There will be a big Farmers' Market running along Division from State to Clark (2 blocks). Vendors sell pastries and you can get coffee at Starbucks and watch the activity of people and this very busy market, which meets every Saturday from 7 until about 1:30.

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