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Aug 18, 2009 10:30 AM

Favorite vegan or near-vegan restaurants in Bay Area?

This is new territory for me. I will appreciate any suggestions to help my guests enjoy their first visit to SF.

Thanks in advance ...

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  1. Millenium is really good

    1. I'm pretty much the opposite of a vegan, but occasionally I like to eat at Cha-Ya. I've tried only the Berkeley original, not the SF branch.

      Cafe Gratitude is silly but fun and some of the food is pretty good.

      I think Millennium is the only upscale vegan restaurant in the area so any shortcomings may be beside the point.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        the sf branch is good too, even for the nonvegans. i took a visiting vegan friend there and when she realized that the entire menu was vegan (and not just the specifically named vegan things, like the "vegan roll") she was beyond estastic.

      2. Are you looking for something within the *entire* Bay Area, or just within San Francisco?

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        1. re: ssfire

          I hope I am not asking for too much ... because they will be exploring on their own some of the time ... I'd like suggestions for the Bay Area. I believe they intend to visit the wine country and go out of this board's coverage, down to Big Sur.

          Again, thanks for all your help ~

          1. re: anyhow

            Well, of course if they go to Napa, Ubuntu can't be missed.

            Here's all the restaurants in the Bay Area flagged as vegan in the Chow Places/Restaurants database

            That first, Souley Vegan is closed. So is Tofu Yu. Can't update the database at this time.

            Maybe others can comment on these places not yet mentioned ... in SF itself ... vegan or with vegan options
            - Herbivore
            - Mekong
            - Loving Hut (the Pt Richmond version was ok)
            - Gracias Madre (don't think it opened yet)
            - The Plant Cafe
            - The Usual Suspects Cafe
            - Alive
            - Karma
            - Enjoy
            - The Cafe at Cafe du Nord
            - Pot de Pho (are they still in business?)
            - Mixt Greens
            - Golden Era
            - Bang San Thai
            - Unicorn
            - Metro Kathmandu
            - Underdog (vegan hot dogs)
            - Plutos
            - Love n Haight deli
            - Minako
            - Ike's Place
            - Atlas Cafe
            - B's BBQ
            - Papalote Mexican Grill
            - Shangri-La (I've read lots of favorable stuff about it on yelp)
            - All about herbs
            - Dosa on Fillmore
            - Saha
            - Pena Pachamama (fun but the food is only ok)
            - Mission Street Food

            1. re: rworange

              Lucky Creation in SF Chinatown -- a dive, but fun

              Lucky Creation Vegetarian
              854 Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94108

              1. re: Joel

                Lucky Creation has a good vegetarian char siu bao. Not sure if the meaty parts have egg white or not. Sometimes they're not careful with their sourcing, and also I guess it's not a big deal for Asian vegetarian restos.

              2. re: rworange

                Usual Suspects closed awhile back, as did All About Herbs. Metro Kathmandu has reinvented itself as a California cuisine type of place, and it's not vegan-friendly.

          2. There's another recent CH vegan dining thread in the Bay Area. See below.


            Millennium is inventive, and the kitchen uses seitan, tofu, and tempeh in many of its dishes. Ubuntu, while not vegan, is vegetarian, and many of the dishes can be made vegan; they just may not taste the same.

            Lucky Creation is a dive, but tasty. Golden Era serves all-vegan Vietnamese. Shangri-la out on Irving offers vegan and vegetarian Chinese. Cafe Gratitude, featuring raw cuisine, may be a little loopy, but the food is ok. Saha offers a blend of vegan, veg, and non-veg cuisine.

            1. Millennium is definitely worth a visit. Although it's not cheap, the food can often be amazing.

              Lucky Creation, as mentioned, is a dive, but the food is pretty good.

              I would avoid Herbivore. I have never had a good meal there. The food tends to be very, very bland.