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Aug 18, 2009 09:50 AM

Rasika Tasting menu?

Hey All, i have reservations tonight for Rasika, finally going to try it out after reading the rave reviews. For anyone that has been, should we order the tasting menu or just order from the menu? Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you!

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  1. Definitely order the fried spinach appetizer. It's wonderful. I loved getting the tasting menu the first time, as even though I had had parts of it before, it gave me a sense of what the kitchen there can do. I would recommend that one of you should get the regular menu, and one of you get the vegetable one, so that you get a whole assortment of dishes. Also, there is some overlap between the two tasting menus. Our waiter allowed us to sub in another appetizer so we didn't have two of the same thing. Enjoy!

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      Yes! You must get the fried spinach appetizer. It's one of my best dishes I've had in a long time. We liked it so much we ordered it twice :)

      We skipped the tasting menu but pretty much ended up creating our own by sharing appetizers and 2 entrees, which they divided up for us nicely, 1 side and a dessert. It was a lot of food but all very delicious.

    2. If you haven't been before, i suggest you try the tasting menu first. You'll sample more variety of food and on future visits you can focus on the stuff you like.

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        thank you for the suggestions! i will be trying the tasting menu. Ordering one of each, reg/vegetarian sounds like a good idea, will that be enough meat for the both of us though?

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          When we went, I thnk we got the fried spinach first, then fish wrapped in cilantro, then sable fish, then lamb curry and chicken curry, and dessert. So it's got quite a bit of protein. BTW, that's the 6 course tasting, which is what you should try.

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            that does sound like a good amount of protein. Guess we will do the Reg/Vege tasting menu tonight. Thanks alot!

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          I haven't been in awhile, but as I recall, the tasting menu isn't a good deal if you don't want every item on it.

          1. re: DCLindsey

            So the items are already listed in the menu beforehand? Sorry, only done a tasting menu brunch at Cafe atlantico where it was just a surprise lol :)

            1. re: prldecivic

              The items are listed, yes. And my opinion is that rather than being several courses of the chef's creativity that night, it's more of an example of the best food there, so that you can try a lot of it. Does that make sense? It's like a tutorial, rather than a challenge.

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              I think part of the reason to go with a tasting menu is so you would taste things that you might not ordiinarily be inclined to order. On the other hand, if you think you're gonna hate the food on the tasting menu, then it's stupid to order it.

          2. Great, it makes perfect sense. Thank you all for your help. I am leaving work and heading there now, we are always open to trying new dishes and foods so we will do the tasting menu. One of each. Thanks all!!

            1. I was wondering the same thing as I'll be visiting the area. Do they adjust the level of spice for people's preference? My gf is a bit intolerant of spicy food.

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                None of the food we had were actually hot. We made no requests one way or another.

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                  The first time we went our server explained which dishes were spicy, I forget what main I had one time that was very spicy, but I ordered it because the server told me it was very spicy. Normally all the servers will be happy to point out what is spicy and what is mild.

                2. Hey all, just wanted to say the food was good, the experience was great. As someone else said, first time there the tasting menu is the way to go, i never would of ordered that black cod dish as im not a big fish person but it was AWESOME, melts in your mouth, best fish ive ever had.

                  1. Some kind of crunchy salad = AWESOME
                  2. Clams in a green coconut chutney sauce = AWESOME
                  3. Shrimp with something that looked like a indian sausage which was VERY spicy. = Good
                  4. Black cod fish = Melt in your mouth AWESOME!
                  5/6. Lamb curry/chicken curry dishes. They were good, but was disappointed at the main dishes, nothing special
                  7. Desert, which was about 5 different types of indian desserts including icecream = Good.

                  Was a good dining experience, the place was nice, the service was good, took about 2 hours to do. The only thing that was spicy was the sausage thing, im sure they will change it up if you asked them too though.