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Quick good lunch bite around Meat Packing district?

We are from Toronto and will be coming down to NYC in a couple of weeks. We'd like to explore the Meat Packing area since we've heard it's interesting. Still need to research what to see there. I was wondering what good quick bites are around for lunch? No specific preference for a type of cuisine. We'll be having a 6 PM dinner at Lupa that evening and probably won't be having lunch until 12:30-1 so something not too heavy.

Thanks :)

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  1. Fig and Olive...13th btwn 9th and washington
    feast on small plates.


    1. pastis is always good for lunch

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          My apologies: The Standard Grill is only open for dinner.


        2. I love the red curry steak at the Highline (now SEA Thai Bistro) if it's still on the menu. Otherwise in summer heat, you can't go wrong with the hot, salty, sweet flavors of a Thai salad at Chelsea Thai in Chelsea Market or oysters and a sushi roll at the Lobster Place next door.

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            I have eaten luch at Sea Thai twice in the last 3 weeks or so and think it's a great value for the quality of food and location. The Broad Noodles are fantastic.


          2. i agree with jungmann. chelsea market is definitely a place you have to visit while you're here. btw, when you go to lupa, only order the pasta dishes. they're exceptional.. everything else is disappointing.

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              Thanks to all! I will check those out online! More suggestions are welcome too just to keep everything open :)

              ^ Yeah our friend recommended Lupa so we thought we'd give it a go.

              Sidenote: What is good for a tourist to do around Meat Packing? I've never visited that area before.

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                there's not a whole lot to do during the day aside from the nearby chelsea market or some shopping. if you're going to be walking around there during the day, i would suggest comfortable shoes because of the cobblestone. the area has a great night life with some of the best clubs and lounges in nyc. be aware that most of the clubs in this area are not easy to get into and the drinks are usually $20-25 for a cocktail. if that's your scene, then i would suggest tenjune, cielo or plunge(great views). one little west 12th is a little bit more loungy and laid back and has an eclectic mix of people. and brass monkey is one of the better bars in that area.

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                  Thanks! Not sure if we'll be clubbing on vacation since it's just me and my boyfriend. Would it be more alive in the evening to visit? I'm not sure if I should switch it up with something.

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                    to really experience the meat packing district, i would go there in the evening. even if you're not going to go clubbing, there are trendy restaurants to go to, like STK (incredibly loud inside though). if you're going to go during the daytime, it's better to stop by on the way to seeing something else since there's not much to see or do aside from lunch.

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                      Thanks! I think I'll switch my itinerary and do this after the Lupa dinner. Maybe have a drink at the Brass Monkey.

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                I disagree on Lupa. They have some very good appetizers, and their duck main dish they serve on Tuesdays is also good. For dessert, their tartufo is excellent.

              3. How about just going up to High Line park and getting some delivery? we just did a whole rundown on a couple places that will deliver up there and were pleasantly surprised with the results... here are a couple options:

                RUB BBQ
                208 W 23rd St.
                New York, NY 10011

                **This was by far and away the best food delivery i've ever been a part of. As New Yorkers we've encountered thousands of delivery folk in our time and certainly had some strange experiences, but this was something straight out of the Chappelle Show. Hopefully you'll get to experience the same delivery guy we had, "Calhoun the Superhero" (he insisted we call him that). A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

                The Lobster Place
                436 W 16th St.
                New York, NY 10011

                **You can't beat a lobster roll by the water on a hot summer afternoon, even if the water comes courtesy of the filthy Hudson River. Since Mary's Fish Camp & Pearls Oyster Bar wouldn't deliver, The Lobster Place was our next call.

                Blue Ginger
                106 8th Ave.
                New York, NY 10011

                **Yes, sushi is not the ideal snack when eating outdoors under the blazing hot sun. However, our friends who live in Chelsea swear by Blue Ginger, and seeing as they were willing to accommodate our demands, we took a shot. We quickly learned that explaining your location on the High Line to a stranger who speaks zero English is, ahem, no walk in the park, but we eventually flagged him down and the food was quite delicious.


                1. if u like a late lunch try the taco truck on 14th and 8th(usually not open until 1:45), s'nice for vegetarian food on 8th ave and w 4th st