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Aug 18, 2009 09:33 AM

Bars in the Brick Lane area

We will be visiting my son and family early September. They are living in Brick Lane area and we need to entertain young clients. Can you share names of nice/trendy bars to meet for a drink within walking distance of this area?

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  1. Your quite spoilt for choice in Brick Lane.
    The Vibe bar is quite big and has a good outside space.
    93 feet east sometimes has some interesting things going on.
    The exit bar further up towards Beigel bake is more intimate.
    All these are on Brick Lane.
    Cargo is also not far and has djs and live bands-think ninja tunes, sometimes for free, mor eof a club vibe though.

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      Big Chill Bar on dray walk is very popular, and OK

      There's a quite a cool bar inside the bloomsbury bowling lanes, on brick lane. go through the diner and back to the bar.

      The Redchurch on redchurch st is quite nice, top of brick lane.

      Green and Red, Bethnal Green Rd

      Lounge Lover is proably the poshest option, behind les trois garcons...

    2. Especially if the weather is nice, the rooftop bar at the Boundary project is a winner. Nice vibe, good selection of drinks, great views and actually surprisingly decent food options based upon my limited sampling thus far (eg good breads from the downstairs bakery).

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        I'd second the rooftop bar at the Boundary. There's also the Redchurch Bar (the Bethnal Green Rd end of Brick Lane) and as another poster mentioned, Lounge Lover for something a bit more decadent. Depends what you are after really - some of the bars actually on Brick Lane are a bit more 'grungy' (in a good way!)