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Aug 18, 2009 08:40 AM

Eloping in Montreal in September please help.

After lurking for years I've finally registered.
My fiance and I visit Montreal yearly where all we do is eat, drink and eat some more. It's "our" city so we decided that we'd elope there this September after 10 years of dating.

Thing is whenever we visit we don't really go to fine dining establishments, but obviously for our first meal as a married couple we want something special.

I've already done the searches and cancelled out a few places. There will be 4 of us and were foodies, but not so much into things like tongue, sweetbreads, fois gras etc. Two of us don't eat red meat (we were vegetarians for years and now enjoy poultry, fish and uh...bacon.) so APDC is out, I think Toque might be a wee bit out of our price range. Laloux looks good but one of our 4 is allergic to shell fish which there seems to be a lot of.

We love artisan cheese, craft beers, good wine, fresh and local produce, perfect bread, lots of butter, rustic homestyle foods as well as molecular gastronomy. Oh and dessert must be out of this world, lets make a baby mind blowing. (We'd be willing to go elsewhere for a good dessert.)

We're also getting married at 1:30 so we could possible to a later lunch/brunch instead of dinner.

Please help me find a perfect place!

On a side note...is there a market near the Fairmont hotel that sells flowers?

Thank you so much!

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    1. I highly recommend Newtown. They have changed their chefs recently (the 2 former chefs from Laloux), the food is splendid, the price is more than reasonable and the desserts are out of this world. ( Try the vert: apple, pistachio, yogurt and white chocolate. Decadent and fresh). It’s on Crescent Street, not far from the Fairmount.


      As for the flowers next to Fairmount, I have no idea!

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        I second this! I wrote a bit about my experience at Newtown in the "Where did you eat this week" thread. And Lesley Chesterman, in her recent review of Newtown, highly praised the desserts there. She has a blog you could probably google.
        To the OP: congratulations! My sweetie and I did the same thing a month ago, but in NYC.

      2. Bronte may be worth considering.

        There's a florist just down the stairs from the Queen Elizabeth (Fairmont) in the passageway connecting the train station to the hotel.


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          A couple I know ate at Bronte a few weeks ago and really loved it. She is a vegetarian and asked the chef to prepare a tasting menu for her. I'm sure they would be willing to accomodate any requests you may have to substitute red meat for poultry or fish.

          1. What about Joe Beef? It seems to fit alot of what you are looking for. I don't know too much about the desserts but its definitely rustic home style food and delicious! They have alot of meat options but also alot of fish and seafood. The menu is a chalkboard menu based on fresh local produce and they even grow some in the back!