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Aug 18, 2009 08:00 AM

City House in Nashville, TN is AWESOME!

If you are from Nashville or visiting the area and you need to try a great place - go to City House

I am from NY and was in Nashville for 1 night. I did some research on Chowhound, and saw this was recommended, their web menu looked great. Well, the entire meal and experience as awesome. I ate at the bar and everyone who works there as very friendly and the space is beautiful with great vibe.

The food is simply awesome. I had the summer vegetable minestrone soup, trout with peanuts, raisins and bread crumbs that came with a side of green beans with ham. For dessert I had the chocolate pudding with peaches and cream. It was all incredible. I had 2 glass of red and the bill was very reasonable.

I'm glad I found Ciy House. All foodies need to try this place.

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  1. Completely agree. The trout, belly ham pizza, and creamed corn pasta dish are among my favorites. I try to get there once every month or so.

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      I second that. The belly hame pizza and corn pasta dish are our faves (for now!) as well. We also lucked into two great gelato flavors -- salted caramel and mint chip. I could hate eaten them for days. Definitely one of the best places in Nashville all around.

      Glad you enjoyed it CityFood NY!