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Aug 18, 2009 06:52 AM


Just read an article in the August 2009 Gourmet on this BBQ restaurant at 3833 Midland. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. Yes, extremely friendly husband/wife running the shop. The flavouring is a bit mild imo, good news for the sodium adverse. I prefer a stronger punch w/ my Chinese bbq, salt pulses through these veins.

    The strong point is definitely the roast pork (regular or suckling), excellent crispy skin, one of the best in the city. I've also had the char siu (avg), chicken leg (good) and curry beef tendon (decent). It's not topping John's or Kum Hong in the char siu department. Haven't tried the duck yet.

    I don't think they'll expect any dramatic surge of business from the article, even if Gourmet is kind of a big deal. It's a neighbourhood joint, the local Chinese population doesn't exactly have subscriptions to Gourmet. The "whities" that do, well, they're most likely downtown. They won't be making the trek up regularly for a take out siu lap joint.

    The magic of Toronto is that there are quite a few places just like Ho Ho's serving quality Chinese bbq. We are indeed blessed.

    Finally, their pricing is very cheap, a steal actually.

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      Thank you aser, was not sure if I was going to get a response. Where are the two restaurants you mentioned above?

      1. re: spine64

        Both are in Richmond Hill, along hwy 7, between Bayview and Leslie.

        Doesn't seem like I can "add a place" to the "link a place" feature anymore.....

        John's Chinese bbq
        328 Highway 7 E., Unit 10-11
        Richmond Hill, 905-881-3333

        Kum Hong bbq
        420 Highway 7 E
        Richmond Hill, ON
        (905) 881-6704

        Since I live much closer to these, I don't think I'll be revisiting ho ho's anytime soon.

      2. re: aser

        I enjoyed the articles and I really appreciate the heads up from spine64, as I live at Whites Rd. and this is a short drive for a special take out, not available locally.
        They are at 3833 Midland at McNichol, and I guess from the article they close after rush hour, don't know about weekends.

      3. Had some suckling pig take-out yesterday for dinner. Maybe it was the humidity or the length of time from purchase to plate, but the skin just wasn't as crisp as some suckling pigs I've eaten. The fat was creamy, but some pieces of the meat were drier rather than juicy and this off-set the balance of skin-fat-lean a bit. The sodium-adverse members of my family still found it slightly too salty, but acknowledged it was better than some heavy-handed roastie joints.

        Family members remarked that the surface of the skin tended a bit too much towards regular roast pork (siu yuk) instead of the smoother, glassier crackling of suckling pig (yue jue) and this put them off a bit. Good, but not the best I've eaten in Toronto.

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          Isk, sounds like your family eats a lot of suckling pig, you gotta tell us which place you liked better. My parents are coming next month and they are demanding suckling pig. We usually go to Peaktop on Hwy7, mostly because it's a sit down resto that has other decent dishes as well. I haven't tried Ho Ho yet (probably won't based your your guy's reviews thus far).

          1. re: Royaljelly

            Unfortunately, the best suckling pig that all my family has agreed on in recent memory was in Hong Kong at a restaurant in Wanchai (not Joy Hing), which is probably an unfair comparison to Ho Ho BBQ. As for excellent Toronto roastie joints for suckling pig, I'm afraid I haven't eaten any really good suckling pig recently (nothing truly memorable) and the past times that have been excellent are dim in my memory.

            However, we had a very decent portion of siu yuk from the roastie place in the strip mall that also contains Ambassador, Golden Court, Jim Chai Kee, and Miyabi at West Beaver Creek/Hwy 7. The skin was not only crisp, but also had a friable quality to it, so it shattered pleasantly in the mouth when I bit down. However, we purchased it early in the day (we were the first customers) and it wasn't particularly humid (hot though) that day. The meat was a bit salty though, but it may appeal to the average palate. We're hoping to try this place again soon to see if it's consistent and reliable.

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          1. I picked up BBQ pork, cuttlefish, and steamed chicken today.

            This place is a bargain hunter's delight. Each tray comes with rice, braised Chinese cabbage, soup, and condiments, at $5 each.

            The pork was well cured and Q'ed, but dry. I didn't like the piece the server chose, but I did not say anything, and next time would ask for shoulder, not loin.

            Cuttlefish was also good, not overcooked or tough.

            Steamed half chicken was mild, moist and tender. Would be even better if finished under a broiler.

            The owner gave me a piece of crispy pork belly as well, and I have to say it was superb. I hope I can learn how to make one half as good.

            1. After reading the Gourment and this board, went there last week and had the roast pork rib with rice and the bbq duck leg with rice. The owner gave us close to 1/4 of the whole duck. Very generous. Unlimited refill on the soup. No MSG aftertaste. He even gave us some Pork face/ear to try which was very tender and a pc of bean curd for free. The roast pork skin was more crispy than the one at John's and Kum Hong. They are on the south east corner of Midland/McNicoll facing the carpark. Closed on Wed.

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                Does Hoho sell fried chicken (not like the ones at Loblaws) - the "wor siu gaay" type, or the crispy chicken type "chuy pei gaay"? Basically looking for a whole fried chicken ... if not, where else?

                1. re: Guzzler

                  No, they have a mild lemon chicken, not as good as their roast pork.