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Aug 18, 2009 06:50 AM

Great Indian Food in Toronto's PATH!

Just discovered Indian Biryani House in the Richmond Adelaide Complex (in the same food court as Hero Burger). They've only been open 3 months. I work in Brookfield Place and have been a bit disappointed in Tamarind. Not enough choices, especially vegetarian option.

Indian Biryani House is awesome. I got 6 veggie options with rice in my vegetarian thali, and had a nice variety of flavours. I find their chickpea curry a bit crunchier than I'd like, but otherwise everything was delicious!

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  1. Hi kiram - thanks for the tip. What are the prices like? How much was the vegetarian thali?

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    1. re: Yum2MyTum

      $6.99 for the vegetarian thali, but I'm afraid I can't remember the other prices. Pretty much on par with Tamarind and the former Nash'tah (formerly in FCP). But more variety for the price and more complex flavours. I've now been 4x and still enjoying it :)

      1. re: kiram

        Thanks kiram for the response! I will definitely give this place a shot sometime soon and report back.

    2. Tried the Indian Biryani House recently with my co worker. The Chicken Biryani was good although the Vegetarian Thali was a big mess. The vegetables were without flavour and the potatoes were almost raw. There was a lot of variety however no flavour in any vegetable. So I do not recommend all the choices there.

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        Give Amaya Express a try in First Canadian Place. Hands down the best Indian in the food courts. All others that I've tried are mediocre at best.

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          Will have to give Amaya a try. Tried the lamb at the Biryani. It was pretty good but it came with bones, some of which were pretty sharp. Nuisance eating curry back at the office with bones!

          1. re: SMOG

            Thanks for the tip SMOG. I enjoyed my last experience at Bread Bar immensely. I will definitely have to try this place out.

            1. re: Yum2MyTum

              Indian Biriyani house has another location at 181 Dundas Street West. This one is worth checking out, as it has an old-style coal burning tandoori oven right behind the counter and you can watch them making naan.

              1. re: Spice City Toronto

                Yes, I frequent that one often - but the owner told me to try the Adelaide location, as the cook is better there.

                1. re: Spice City Toronto

                  We had Vegetarian Thali at the 181 Dundas Street West location today.
                  Only good thing was their naan - hot and wonderfully soft and chewy right from their oven. But the charm stopped there. The thali was uneventful but acceptable. However, what bothered me the most was the restaurant itself. We were the only customers there so the whole place was visible and i noticed the tables were filthy with food stains, the floor and the walls looked like they haven't been cleaned for quite some time and they served naan in a very filthy basket. If the front is looking like that, I don't even want to think about their kitchen area.
                  Having said all that, we would go back for their naan. But we would do takeout.

          2. Indian Biryani House is one of my favorite places for Indian food in the PATH along with "Sandwich World", but that entire food court is closed for renovation now. There is a new food court just north of that one with an Indian place (though I can't remember the name) - that one is not bad either.

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            1. re: pravit

              Biryani (their shortened new name) has re-opened in the new Richmond-Adelaide food court. Veggie thali is $7.90 including tax for 6 items + rice or naan. Delicious and lots of variety. Standbys include a chickpea curry, a spinach curry, peas curry, and some rotating dishes: cauliflower, dal, cabbage, etc. The naan is fantastic but rice-lovers won't be disappointed either. I have brought others here and they loved it too.

              1. re: kiram

                Thanks for this one - I had the veg thali today. With rice & side of nan it came to just under 10 bucks. Pretty good. Will go back.