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woodchips for smoking in Brooklyn/Queens

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Hi all,

Where can I find larger/bulk qty of wood/chips for smoking meat? I have only seen small boxes of various species in the grocery store, but there must be a more economical source.


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  1. In two years of searching, I haven't found a more economical source in the city that's open to the public. I picked up a couple of armloads of wood on the side of a road in PA for $4. It makes me realize how insane the prices are for those little baggies of chips. Perhaps it's worth a shot to ask some of the farmers at the Greenmarkets.

    1. I've bought wood chunks for smoking on ebay.

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        thanks for the responses. Being NYC is not a DIY bbq haven, I sorta figured it was a stretch. Will be running by a Home Depot later to see if maybe they had a misguided purchaser for NYC.

      2. Wood chunks (fist-sized) are available at Home Depot in 20 lb bags and are great (Hickory and Mesquite).

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          At which Home Depot location have you seen it?

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            Home Depot on Northern Blvd in Woodside usually has chips and chunks. Hickory and Mesquite.

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              Home Depot in Coney Island had the same chunks and chips of mequite & hickory. I am guessing all nyc area one will stock those.

          2. i've seen wood chips at the following locations in queens
            garden world
            46 Ave & Francis Lewis Blvd
            Flushing, NY 11358
            (718) 224-6789
            big apple bbq
            149-13 14th Avenue
            Whitestone, NY 11357
            Phone – 718.746.1212
            also w/ a lic location

            18 31 42nd, Long Island City, NY 11101
            (718) 204-1166
            good luck

            1. Please do not operate a smoker in New York City especially in August. Maybe during the winter would be better.

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                  yeah, wondering that myself. Already did this in brooklyn, and plan to do it again soon.

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                    Yeah I could see a problem with someone doing it on the fire escape or something, which is illegal anyway, but I've been using backyard smokers in Brooklyn for almost ten years.

              1. You might want to make sure the bags of wood being sold in NYC is pure wood and not left-over wood for furniture.

                1. most whole foods carry them by the 10lb bag... there is a hardware store in forest hills which carries 24lb bags for 15.00 which seems to be the best i could find locally... if youre interested theyre located on metropolitan ave and 71st.

                  1. try contacting Dairyland...they serve alot of restaurants, they may sell it to you..check on line....or check with Baldors on line first, I believe they have a customer window..hope it helps.

                      1. Good morning--We have woodchips at our farm in Binghamton NY, and can deliver to the city in any quantity that you need. We currently have apple, hickory, cherry and maple available. Please let me know if you are interested.

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                          I live on Long Island and am interested in purchasing some chips for smoking. I am interested in Apple, Hickory, Alder and others. Can you give me an idea of what volumes are available and prices.

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                            Can you tell me if there are still wood chips available?

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                              I would be interested in buying wood chips from you. Can you please let us know how we can order? Thanks.

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                                abbybelford, Definitely interested in all varities of your wood chips. My reply is two years later.
                                please email me at: seawall90 at yahoo.com so we can make arrangements.

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                                  FWIW, since I started this thread a couple of years ago - I have been using The Woodman. Not the least expensive, but for delivery in the 5 boroughs, they do right by me.

                              2. believe it or not i have seen some at union market in park slope

                                Union Market
                                754 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215