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Aug 18, 2009 06:09 AM

Best sources in Manhattan for Japchae and Korean Fried Chicken?

Looking to bring japchae and fried chicken to a party. Looking for recommendations here in the city. Thank you.

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  1. Bon Chon

    Chambers Manhattan T.212-227-2375
    St.Marks Manhattan T.212-228-2887

    1. The take-out japchae at Woorijip is pretty tasty and cheap. It usually comes in single sized servings, though you could probably speak to management (if you can speak Korean) and score a party sized container - they're usually pretty flexible about that kinda stuff.

      1. Boka on st marks had BonChon chicken and some pretty awesome japchae

        1. i haven't found a good japchae place in manhattan so i'm sure woorijip will do. there's bonchon chicken in midtown. as i'm typing this, i just got a text from a friend that said that bonchon was closed down. not sure if it's true. there's also a bonbon chicken downtown which is pretty much the same. i ordered from bonbon and it came in a bonchon box... confused? me too.

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              Not so far off the radar, really. Mad for Chicken is a reincarnation of Bon Chon (in the same space, even, at least at the K-town location). The recipe is supposedly the exact same.

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                yes, i know..the place is new.....same local...2nd floor...