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Aug 18, 2009 05:59 AM

pljeskavice (Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian "hamburger") in London

Anybody know where i can track down a good one? Ate this in Belgrade and nearly died it was so good. I think the one i'm after is called Gurmanska Pljeskavice - it's got the bacon and swiss cheese inside. hamburger in quotation marks because i was sternly warned not to call pljeskavice a hamburger.

also any recommendations for restaurants in london serving food from this region. i'm very partial to a bit of cevapi or borek as well.

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  1. I'd love to know too! I heard of some Serbian restaurants in London, but none of my Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian friends had been there. I can't remember what it's called but it comes up on Google.

    I'd say the best chance of having any of those is to make your own, there are loads of recipes online.

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      The Gunnersbury Pub in Chiswick, 590 Chiswick High Road W4 5RP, does Balkan Barbeque every Sunday.
      I was there 3 weeks ago and going again this Sunday. Cevapi was excellent!!!!!!
      They also serve pljeskavice, mixed grill etc but haven't tasted them yet.

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        I made a note and I'll make a trip there for sure! I'd love to see how they compare the ones in Sarajevo :))

        Incidentally, I was in Portobello yesterday and saw a Turkish bakery (just as soon as you get out of Nottingh Hill Gate tube and head to portobello road, towards the pastel houses , the bakery is on the same street as Gelato Mio and all other food shops). They had amazing looking burek in the window! And huge portions too. Unfortunately I had no time to stop and sample the goods but they looked excellent.

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          There are some awesome Turkish bakeries and shops in Green Lanes in Harringay!

    2. Hi,
      There is a Serbian cafe/restaurant in Ealing Common:
      15 Station Parade (Uxbridge Road)
      London W5 3LD
      I had cevapi there, they were really good and in pita bread (the way they should be served). They also have excellent gibanica (filo pastry with cheese). I found very good gibanica (if you discover you like it) in a small turkish shop in Finchley Road, across Argus near Swiss Cottage.
      Hope this helps!

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        Times like this I really wish I lived in London!

      2. Oh yeah, and that burek in Portobello Road is amazing, it's expensive but it's the real thing!

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          Best Turkish pastries in Harringay are at Yasar Halim on Green Lanes (about 10 minutes' bus ride south of Turnpike Lane tube). It's also a great grocery and greengrocers'. Lots of borek, lahmacun (don't know if this has a Balkan equivalent), plus Cypriot specialities such as pilavuna, a sesame, raisin, cheese and herb bun.

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            Ovde još nisam probao ali čini mi se da imaju dosta pristojan izbor:


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            bok dejana,znas li mozda gdje bi mogla kupiti nase proizvode u londonu?hrvatske,bosanske,srpske,makedonske...svejedno.hvala

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              Try the Swiss Cottage shop

              New Istanbul
              8 New College Parade
              Belsize Park
              NW3 5EP
              Telephone: +44 (0)20 7483 4767

              Though they sell mostly Turkish food, they also have an incredible selection of H/B/S/M/C, or whatever you want to call it, food. I know there is also a shop in Shepherd's Bush, but since I live in St. John's Wood, I am more familiar with this shop. Stumbled upon it by a chance, and now go there regularly to get some Balkan food.
              I wish you best of luck in finding the things you are looking for!
              Kind regards,


          3. sorry to be so rude but i completely forgot all that i posted here and havent been getting the email updates!!

            thanks for all the recommendations - so much stuff to try i'm very VERY excited. i think sunday might be a trip down to gunnersbury pub ;)

            1. Yep there are a few up and coming, You can get a whole list od Serbian food at gunnersbury sports and social club in gunnersbury lane. Pljeskavice, chevapi, stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage leaves, svadbarski kupus, muchkalice, mixed grills, Karadjordjeva snicla (black georges snicle) jellied pork (pihtije) proja (corn bread), soups and broths including spit roast suckling pig and lamb, serbian salads, shopska, cabbage, mix and green salads. They also have a great shop with ex YU food products. Preserved products such as ajvar, sour cabbage, hot peppers, mixed sour vegetables of all kinds, chocaltes, biscuites, crisps, sweets, smoked foods, pates etc. I may aswell mention that they do a great list of Serrbian wines over 30 labels from producers such as Rubin, Navip, Aleksandrovic, Jovic, Monestry Tvrdosh, Jelic, Vrsacki Vinogradi, do kraja sveta etc.

              They do deliveries in and aroun London.

              Or you might want to go Koliba 40 shepherds bush road London W6 7PJ
              They do exactly the same foods but without the shop.

              Telephone: +44 (0) 207 6104801
              Koliba really do wicked soups and broths the best I have tasted in a long time.


              Telephone number is +44 (0)7596001202

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                wonderful stuff, makes coming back to london that much more exciting.