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Aug 18, 2009 05:05 AM

Pre-Vacation Russo's trip?

I am planning on hitting Russo's in preparation for a Cape house rental. I would like to buy some cheese, maybe some homemade pasta, certainly produce (though I don't think I need recs on that), maybe some baked goods, prepared foods?.... I would love some specific recommendations! Thanks so much

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  1. I really like the mushroom ravioli and purity ricotta cheese. I can't offer much help with the prepared foods but the Rugula pastry is very nice as is their rustic bread. Try to go on a weekday it will be easier for the counter staff to help you try the different cheeses.

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    1. re: bornagainitalian

      Thanks for the advice. Mushroom ravioli sounds yummy.

    2. Their guacamole is fabulous - would be great to take a ton of it to the Cape! Their half sour pickles are also great. Baked goods are all terrific.

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      1. re: cookiezim

        guacamole is a great idea- thanks!

      2. For prepared foods, I like their fresh salsa, various olives, and cornichons.

        My husband likes the 7 Grain sliced half-loaf from by Nashoba Bakery. He uses them to make lunch sandwiches. For deli cheese, we've tried most of it and we like the Smoked cheddar the best. Avoid the smoked gouda - it's great but it sticks together and becomes a mess.

        We also buy the boxed nuts (walnuts, pistachios etc) which we toast slightly and add to green salad.

        1. From a recent trip to Central America - if they have cherimoya / guanabana / soursop - buy them, juice them and then throw in 2 parts juice to 1 part milk - add ice and blend for a truly refreshing milkshake.

          1. Russo's also has some nice desserts. I've brought their berry pies to potlucks a couple of times and they've been delicious.