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Aug 18, 2009 03:51 AM

Self Catering Cottage - Any Ideas for simple, but classy meals.

We're heading away to a wee cottage in the English countryside for a week. Apart from visiting the tea rooms, we decided that we can have 2 nights in and prepare a meal at the cottage.
Does anyone have ideas for simple meals, where I don't have to travel with or buy alot of ingredients. A few fresh ingredients would be ideal. (Note, I am dairy allergic)
I was thinking of some nice salads with some grilled chicken, but I want to surprise my husband with something special. I already bought the champagne! :O)

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  1. Salmon is always nice....and you can prepare it so many ways.--baked, grilled, poached, sauteed. If it's really fresh fish, salt & pepper, maybe a little lemon juice....a bit of fresh dill. A nice side of rice....lovely salad. It's all good with champagne....

    1. There have been several recent threads about leg of lamb on the grill. That would be too much for you two, but how about lamb chops? Lamb is a always special in our house. Baby peas or asparagus would be my first choice, but they're out of season. Maybe tomatoes stuffed with an orzo-pesto salad for a side. Something with peaches for dessert (they go great with champagne). Maybe just sugared and allowed to get juicy, then served with a good vanilla ice cream and a florentine cookie/biscuit on the side. You could make the cookies at home and take with you. Or tuille cups.