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Aug 18, 2009 01:44 AM

Need help, Chowhound visiting Charleston SC for four days. In desperate need of good eats!

So I am visiting from Toronto Ontario Canada. I am really looking forward to the great food offered in the South. I am probably not renting a car and I am staying at the HarbourView Inn in the historical district. I know that certain restaurants are located with walking distance, Cotton, Magnolias etc but none of them tickle my fancy. Anyone have any recommendations on some good restaurants nearby. I am looking to try Hominy Grill and Jestine's Kitchen and can't wait to try the famous coconut cake at the Peninsula Grill. Are these restaurants close to the HIstorical District? Anything else I must try? Looking forward to everyone's feedback!!

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  1. You're an easy walk from Jestine's and Peninsula Grill. Hominy would be farther than I would want to walk, although I suppose it's possible. (miles) Restaurants I would walk to from your location would be McCrady's (really close) Cru Cafe, Fig, La Fourchette, Hanks, etc. I'll not give you my picks here since there are SO many threads to look at.

    Many, I suppose most of the restaurants you will read recommended on CH are in the historic district. Ones of note that aren't are Al Di La, Sienna, and as I mentioned above, Hominy Grill on the fringes of the historic district. If someone mentions that a place is in Mt. Pleasant or John's Island (or one of the beaches) then it will NOT be walking distance. Hope that helps!

    1. You got a good answer from Danna, I would also throw in Carolina's, which is very near your hotel. You don't say why High Cotton and Magnolia's don't strike your fancy, so I don't know whether to recommend the other ones right along the same road - SNOB, Blossom, Cypress, and McCrady's. If you're in the mood for steak, I like Oak Steakhouse. For brunch or lunch, there is Fleet Landing, which has good food and an excellent view. For oysters, try Pearlz.

      1. I really recommend High Cotton, which is just around the corner from HI. The shrimp and grits there are my favorite (next to my own, of course). You can take a pedi-cab to Hominy. Go for lunch.

        When are you traveling? White shrimp are coming into season. Oysters will be in season starting next month, but they don't get real good until the ocean cools off.

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          I will be in Charleston on August 21st and will be leaving on August 25th. Thanks for all the responses so far!

        2. Do yourself a favor and visit the website "chuck eats". Here, a true gormand heaps praise on Sean Brock, the chef at McCrady's. I drive two hours and stay overnight just to eat there. Good bar, too.

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            Lucca is a must...Sunday night is family style.(great value and great food)...Ken is probably one of the top chefs in the south

          2. I hear that Trattoria Lucca is excellent. I haven't eaten there yet, but my foodie son has that lives in Charleston. It was named Best New Restaurant by Charleston City Paper and the chef formerly headed the dining room at the five star Woodlands Inn and Resort.
            If I were to revisit McCrady's, I would dine in the bar. If you decide to venture over to Al Di La, make sure you call ahead for a reservation.

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              Unfortunately, Trattoria Lucca is not really walking distance from the OP's hotel either. Could be done, wouldn't be optimal.