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Aug 18, 2009 12:15 AM

A vegetarian at the Black Hoof? Am I crazy?

So I'm a vegetarian who doesn't care about other people's eating habits and isn't particularly grossed out by meaty things. I've heard so many great things about the Black Hoof besides just their meat options. Cheese, bread, olives, interesting cocktails and a chill atmosphere all sound good to me! Do you think it's worth it to go there and not have any meat? Will they look at me like I'm completely whack? I live in Parkdale so it's nice and close. I've never been to Cafe Taste either. Opinions of that?

Any other downtown suggestions for a cheese lover? I don't drink wine so that isn't a factor. Other interesting veggie sides would be nice too. I want some love put into options that aren't meat based.


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  1. I was there this week for the first time, and I say go for it. So long as you don't mind others around you eating various animal parts, and you're happy with the excellent Thuet bread, olives, pickled veggies and cheese, nobody will blink an eye. Most of the dishes are ordered to be shared so it's unlikely any casual observers will notice who eats what anyway. I believe there was at least one main (right column of the menu board) that was a totally veggie salad but I forget the details... I'll confess, my eye kinda skipped over it!

    Oh, but you'll have to wait until after Sept 10 as they are closed as of today for a bit of a late summer vacation and I think to work on renovating a second location.

    1. I can't comment on Black Hoof because I haven't been yet, but if you love cheese and live in Parkdale, do give Cafe Taste a shot. Really nice cheeses, and I think they've got a fair number of other veggie-friendly options - salads, fondue, etc. And, as I discovered a few weeks ago, a really lovely back patio. It's a great, friendly neighborhood kind of place.

      1. I wouldn't go there for dinner if you're a vegetarian, nothing will fill you up. But for drinks and finger food you will do fine.

        1. black hoof has interesting, varied and great cocktails. for the drinking and atmosphere alone i would go.

          i think the pickles are one of the best things they do and would try to get extra servings of that as a vegetarian. i've never had their cheese though as i opt for as much offal as i can get my hands on. last i noticed there was a zucchini flower salad but i wouldn't put it past them to slather it in some meaty fat so always double check.

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            the zucchini flower salad was meat-free and yummy. but i agree, it's best to double check. the waiters are very familiar with each dish and will be helpful.

          2. The Black Hoof is closed for holidays until September 9th.