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Aug 17, 2009 11:17 PM

Restaurants with live music

What are some of your favorite places to dine with live music? So far I've been to

- Upstairs
- House of Jazz
- Diese Onze

I had a good time at each of them. I found Diese Onze a bit cramped, though.

I've read people having a good time at Modavie and Jardin Nelson, too. Any experiences?

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  1. If you don't mind greek food and music, two solid choices are Mythos and Ellada. The live band is usually on Friday and Saturday, although Mythos has an upstairs dining room with piano music almost every day of the week, if I am not mistaken.

    1. I was at Griffentown recently and they had a live band playing. The food was good and very reasonably priced, IMO. And the atmosphere was relaxed. We enjoyed some drinks/food on the back terrace (which is very small) and then moved inside for more drinks and the live music.

      We went on a Thursday night. Not sure which days of the week they have live music. Might want to call and check.

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        I enjoyed my chicken at Modavie and a friend of mine raved about her lamb chops .. not cheap though but the ambiance is lively and the music is good, even if the audience is not particularly attentive. The band has special guests on the weekends so I'm going to hear a friend of mine sing on Saturday night.

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          Although it's been 3+ years since i've been there i definitely enjoyed going to Griffintown Pub for some drinks, eats and live music on Friday nights in the past. I always liked the place because it seemed that the crowd was full of regulars every Friday and everyone seemed to know each other (except me but that's okay). It was a nice experience. But i have no idea what it's like these days.

          1. re: blond_america

            it's stil really good. and they have expanded to other nights with different bands as well. i'm a regular.

        2. Been to Koji Kaizen a few times and they had a very good jazz duo -guitar and bass - not sure which nights.
          Was also at Stash in Old Montreal when they had a pianist - do not know if they still do.
          Folks at Le Balmoral were talking about bringing in jazz combos throughout the year outside of Jazz Fest and when there is nothing going on at L Astral next door but do not know what they have decided.

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            Jazz at Kaizen is Monday and Tuesday night.... it's Greg Clayton and he brings friends.... Another good restaurant for music is Griffintown Cafe (the one east of guy).... they have a kickass blues night on fridays that's always bustling.... plus they do a jazz and jug band night i think as well....

          2. Pop! (the sister of Laloux) has a piano and sometimes a player plays it.

            1. il piatto pieno Italian BYOW has live music on Fridays and Saturdays,