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Aug 17, 2009 10:18 PM

Where to buy Liquor, Spirits, and Booze online, cheaply?

It happens that every liquor store in my neighborhood is devastatingly overpriced. $10 bottle of shiraz? At least $15 where I live. Mid-level scotch that goes for $30 in a Florida liquor store? $50 in my swank Cambridge purveyor's racks.

I'm done, DONE shelling out an extra $20 to $30 each time I go to the liquor store to stock up, it it getting old.

Now, I'm new to MA (and the US, sort of) so I don't know if this is even possible, but:

1. Is it possible to order a wide variety of liquors online somewhere?
2. If so, do you Hounds have any recommendations for places with big inventories / many options, with low, maybe bargain prices and reasonably shipping?

Please tell me there's someplace to turn. I can't deal with the ripoff liquor prices in my neighborhood anymore, and not having a car, I can't reliably trek up to NH.


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  1. as far as i know, mass still hasn't untangled the out-of-state shipping law, even though it should have happened ages ago.

    i don't know where you live, but trader joe's has decent wines for under $10 and i have even found some good ones for under $6. (my usual everyday quaffs)

    blanchard's has a huge inventory and good sales for hard stuff.

    1. Like many states, MA does not allow the import of beer or wine from other states and you will find this noted on online retailer websites. I have to believe the import of spirits that contain even more evil alcohol is likewise prohibited. This is a tax issue, state doesn't want its residents consuming booze the state made no $$ on. That said, you may find a vendor willing to break (or ignorant of) the rule but most would not even bother.

      I would start by shopping in a different Boston neighborhood! MA beer/wine/booze prices are high across the board but there are values to be had.

      1. Bin Ends in Braintree is good pricedr wines. The staff is super helpful and they are always tasting. They can even ship to you.

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          1. New Hampshire is the answer to your challenges. You'll find State Liquor Stores on Rt. 93 & 95 as well as in most towns.
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