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Aug 17, 2009 09:55 PM

Best Brunch / Jazz Brunch in NOLA?? Need Help

Hi Everyone.

My partner and I will be vising New Orleans for the first time in late August (From Toronto, Canada).

We are looking forward to the FOOD as well as many other aspects of NOLA.

What is hands down the best brunch place in New Orleans? Does it include Jazz?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. We go to Commander's Jazz Brunch every time we come to NO (4 times a year). We will be at Commander's next Sunday for their brunch. Reservations a must. You can set up reservations right on their website. Enjoy!

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      I've only been for lunch (and once for brunch at their late Vegas branch) but I have to say that this is probably your best option. You want to know what New Orleans is about? Get all gussied up and go to Commander's for brunch.

      If you were somehow able to have a SECOND brunch I might suggest going to Lil Dizzy's in Treme for a completely different (and still very, very NOLA) experience. No music, BYOB, but very local and amazing food.

      The only other brunch I can remember having in NOLA (except for Court of Two Sisters, avoid) was the jazz brunch at Arnaud's which was actually really great. The savory crab cheesecake or whatever it was was really good. (edit: that was a few years ago, I jsut read some horrible more recent things about Arnaud's on CH)

      Also, don't let whatever jazz brunch you go to be your only live jazz music of your trip. It's usually dixieland, which is fine but there's a whole breed of jazz musician that doesn't wake up early enough to play at brunch, I don't think.

      1. I know this will not be a popular CH response, and I know it's touristy, but the jazz brunch at Court of Two Sisters is much fun and I think a rite of passage for NO tourists!!

          1. Thank You for all your comments.....after taking your comments into consideration I've decided to reserve at Commander' seems to get consistently good reviews...Thanks

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              Come back and post your experiences. I think you're going to have a great time.