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Aug 17, 2009 09:25 PM

Shanghai Grill -- Edmonton

I had a chance to eat at the new Shanghai Grill restaurant in Edmonton today. Has anyone heard of it yet? I believe it just opened on Sunday. The food was good. They have decent xiao long bao! It's only the second time I've had xlb so I'm not sure how these rate against others, but I thought they were good (maybe not as good as the ones at Shanghai River in Richmond, but possibly the best you'll find in Edmonton). I recommend you go and see for yourself :)

Location: 16336 - 111 Avenue (near Princess Auto)
Phone: 780-930-1828

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  1. So is their menu Shanghainese or is that just the name?

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    1. re: anonymoose

      Dropped by last night. They have two menus, a Chinese menu with plenty of Shanghainese items (31 and up) and an English menu with your typical westernized Chinese food items.

      I can say that their XLB's are really good, nothing like Richmond/Cupertino, but like J.J said, possibly the best you'll find here.

      We had a couple of dishes that had a hot chili pepper beside the item on the menu, but when it came it wasn't spicy at all.

      I look forward to going back again.

      1. re: taiphun

        I am sure this topic has been done to death all over the internet, but are there any tips for getting the Chinese menu items if you aren't part of the club?

        1. re: taiphun

          taiphun, are we talking freshly made XLB? I hear so much about the greatness in Vancouver that it would amazing to have something close here.

          1. re: raidar

            Simple - just ask for the regular menu.

            I must (shamefully) admit, I can't read my own language, but from the English descriptions I can figure out what most of it is and match it back to the characters.. I know, I know. The XLB's are on the back page right at the top under Dim Sum. I don't recommend the green onion cakes, they tasted like they were in the oil a little too long, came out very greasy. You can get the regular XLB's or the crab meat XLB's, which I don't think were on the menu.

            I plan to bring a friend next time that's an XLB conoisseur (if there is such a thing) for his opinion.

            Their computerized ordering system wasn't up on Wednesday, so if it takes long to get your food, don't fret.

            1. re: taiphun

              I can't read Chinese either. Some menus will have only Chinese on them, so sometimes getting them doesn't help. If there's no English on them at all, you can either 1. beg the wait staff to help you order or 2. bring along a friend who reads Chinese. In that case, #1 only works if the wait staff is nice about it - I've had experiences in different places where we've asked - in Cantonese! - with help reading the menu and gotten the brush off.

              1. re: anonymoose

                Their Chinese menu is mixed, so it's relatively easy to guess what you're ordering. Bigger challenge are the waitresses, most of them speak mandarin (of which "wo bou zhe dao" (I don't know)), so I just waited until the Cantonese speaking waitress came by to order.

                Went again for dinner last night, impressed yet again. This time we had drunk chicken, red bean fried pancake, pumpkin fried pancake, dumplings, crab-meat xlb's, ox tail, shanghaiese siu mai, and gum see guen (plain bun w/ condensed milk).

                It's a nice change from the usual places we go to - GRB, Jumbo, Beijing Beijing, Greens, Dumphouse , Good Buddy, and Cha for Team.

                My parental units loved it too.. Dad didn't get the MSG high he's used to getting from other places, so it's a thumbs up from him as well.

                On another note, the old owner of Ah Chin's on 99th st and 62 ave have opened a new restaurant, right next to Zen AYCE. The sign says "fusion" but it's not really fusion at all. Shady location, but if you go, reserve a "dong kwa jung" or northern melon soup a day in advance.

      2. If you need to satisfy your XLB fix, this is the ONLY PLACE in Edmonton for them. Though IMO they weren't as good as the ones I've had in Van/Richmond and or the authentic in Shanghai (so worth the airfare).

        Their XLB were soupy, the pork meat was tender, and the skins were just right. They needed a little more ginger IMO, but otherwise were very tasty. We didn't order the crab ones as the crab is 99% tinned and unless I see someone shelling fresh crab, not worth spending my money.

        We also ordered a noodle dish (ok), stewed ox tail (excellent), and deep fried mantou (ok). The servers were attentive and the food came out in reasonable time for Saturday lunch. They use MSG as we were a little thursty from our lunch-time feast. Aside from that we're coming back for the XLB and to try out some other dishes.

        The resto decor could really use some help, Shanghai cuisine with some giddy-up! The wagon wheel light fixtures should really go! Reno budget went to retro fitting the kitchen to cook chinese. My 3 y.o. particularly loved the suspended disco ball in the bar area. :) Go try it out and don't hold the barrels and wagon wheels against them.