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New to SFV, where should I eat?!

I just moved to Northridge last week, and haven't really visited any restaurants/fast foods besides the chains. Where should I go? If you could make a list of places that are on the lower end of prices (I'm a college student!) as well as regular restaurants, that would be great.

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      Strong second to Hummus B&G. An excellent restaurant, and very inexpensive.

    2. Alexis Greek in Northridge
      Puro Sabor in Van Nuys
      Carnival in Sherman Oaks
      Zankou Chicken Sherman Oaks
      Brent's for Deli (but not so cheap)
      Brother's BBQ in Woodland Hills
      Hummus Bar and Grill in Tarzana
      Lots of thai in NoHo

      1. For low-end (pricewise) dining next to CSUN get to India Sweets & Spices... or Mandarin Deli for a more sit-down dinner. You are actually in a great place for chow.

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          With all due respect, the IS&S near CSUN is not very good. It is well worth the drive to the India Sweets & Spices on Topanga Cyn and Sherman Way.

          Other ideas:

          Vallarta Supermarket (any one) - carnitas special and tres leches cake, share with friends for $11
          Skaf's Grill (Lebanese, NoHo), $7-$10
          The banh mi (Viet sandwiches) places on Reseda and Sherman Way, $2.50 each
          Manila Good-Ha on Woodman 1 block south of Roscoe for Filipino breakfast (tapsilog), $6
          El Gallo Giro on VN Blvd. for Mexican antojitos, $7 or so
          Pho So 1 on Reseda for pho and for bun dau hu ky (cool rice noodles with deep-fried tofu skin that has been stuffed with shrimp paste) and ca phè sua da (iced coffee with condensed milk), $6-$8

          Second Emme's recs, especially the Thai places between Woodman and the 170. Some have $2.50 menus.

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            The banh mi place is Sandwich Express. Good rolls.

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              Also the duck curry with rice at Pho So1 Ymmmmm!

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                I think maybe you've gone at the wrong time. A while ago I could have agreed with that (it seemed to hit a low point a few years ago), but in the past year or two they've changed things around several times. The hot food area has been expanded so there's better variety... and everything I've had there lately has been pretty great.

                They also made the dining area quite nice as far as these places go, which isn't so true at Sherman Way unless things have changed recently there too.

                Even disregarding the drive from CSUN I'd rather go there than Sherman Way (or Venice for that matter).

            2. LA Lasagna Company in Northridge (if you want to have a party and need a great main course or just have something to bring home for yourself) http://www.lalasagnacompany.com/

              A&W Seafood Restaurant
              9306 Reseda Blvd
              Northridge, CA 91324-2926
              (818) 882-6668‎

              Top Thai (for their Northern Thai specialties found at the back of their menu


              Top Thai Cuisine
              7333 Reseda Blvd, Reseda, CA 91335

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                One other thought, Vinh Loi for Vietnamese Tofu / Vegan. Great place without a doubt.


                Vinh Loi Tofu
                18625 Sherman Way Ste 101, Reseda, CA 91335

              2. Hi... Falafel King (on Reseda blvd), for gyro combos (and good free pickled beets and cabbage)... Fabs Hotdogs (Tampa and Vanowen) for snappy dogs, chili-cheese fries, and garlic tator tots... And Dos Arbolitos (off of Woodley) for comforting mexican combos...

                1. Priyani-Sri Lankan
                  Peru's Taste on Louise near Roscoe-good affordable peruvian
                  Los Chilenos on Topanga Canyon
                  Mercado Buenos Aires on Sepulveda
                  Alexis Greek, w Portuguese menu as well
                  I've heard some good things from Argentine friends about La Portena on Nordhoff. Used to be lame but they have new management, So, maybe.
                  Antojitos Latinos-Colombian on Vanowen
                  Mi Casita and Mi Ranchito Salvadorean on Vanowen

                  There many great places around Vanowen and Van Nuys Bl for various Latin cuisines, El Criollo(Cuban), Puro Sabor, there's El Katracho(Honduran) down on Burbank.

                  Get off at the Orange line stop on Van Nuys Bl. and you can do a geat Latin- American food crawl. Perfect for a student looking to escape the dining hall.

                  1. Make sure to go to My Hero on the corner of Plummer & Reseda Blvd (behind the Jiffy Lube), their Melted Cheese sandwhich is sooooo good.

                    Melody's Mexican Kitchen on Reseda Blvd near Van Owen, I highly recommend the Quesdilla Poblana.

                    Barclays Coffee for non-chain coffee, very friendly staff & customers. On the corner of Reseda and Nordoff in the Walnut Grove next to Marshalls. Alexis Greek Restaurant is also in this complex and while not exactly cheap it is good.

                    1. A CSUN student, I presume??? From campus, you can walk to California Chicken cafe for great sammys and salads. I love the cooked orange squash! Discount w/student I.D. Located in the shopping plaza southwest side of campus on Nordhoff and Reseda next to Blockbuster video. I like Delicious Bakery on the other corner in the plaza where you'll find McD's. Also, the pita shop is good there -next to Von's. On the corner of Prairie and Reseda in that plaza is Emle's. Haven't been in awhile but, was delish. And, I also like a little bakery there unique for chinese buns, etc: Weinie Bakery. The owner is very nice and is quite sensitive to CSUN students pockets....(no, money...) Good Luck w/school!
                      With a car: The Stand Encino - Dollar Dogs on Mondays
                      17000 Ventura Boulevard
                      Encino, CA 91316
                      (818) 788-2700

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                        If you're going for dogs, I'd skip The Stand and instead head to Fabs on Tampa in Reseda. Blows The Stand away, from my experiences.

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                          Yes, California Chicken is a great place for a quick lunch or dinner. The food is consistent and fresh and mostly delicious. The cabbage salad is awesome, and the wraps are surprisingly yummy. The place is always busy no matter when you go. I've been meaning to try Weinie Bakery for a long time. The name has always gotten in the way ; )

                        2. I must second Torchsong's recs for MY HERO for sandwiches (I always order roast beef w/cheese) and MELODY'S (or its sister, LAS FUENTES) for Mexican.

                          If you like chicken, check out SEVAN CHICKEN on the north-west corner of Devonshire and Mason. They have fabulous rotisserie chicken with your choice of sauces--including garlic paste, salsa, and BBQ. You order at the counter and either take it to a table or get it to go.

                          A little farther, in North Hills, is another Mexican place I love--LOS TRES HERMANOS on the north-east corner of Sepulveda and Plummer. Their tacos and salsas are great, and they have fresh fruit juices. It's another place where you order at the counter.

                          If you want some soul/southern food, try LES SISTERS somewhere between Canoga and Topanga on the south side of Devonshire in Chatsworth. The service is slow, but the food is good.

                          For pizza, PIZZA CONNECTION on the west side of Winnetka near Sherman Oaks sells it by the slice, as does MULBERRY ST. on Ventura in Encino. One of the best pizzas in the valley, also available by the slice, is REDBALLS on Topanga across from the Topanga Plaza in Canoga Park.

                          1. My kids go to Northridge and one of them works at Delicious Bakery so I am partial to that for bakery stuff. For unique hot dogs travel to Fabs but for a quick good reliable chili dog Cupids accross the street on Lindley is the place to go. The falafel place in the Von's Parking lot is Pita Pockets. They have good stuff but I like Falafel Palace a couple of blocks north on Reseda better. Alexis is actually in the shopping center on the south east corner of Tampa and Nordhoff and has very good food but not on the cheap college student budget. Weiler's deli on Nordhoff and Balboa is good and most people here love Brents on Parthenia near Corbin. I like Outdoor Grill in the shopping center at Reseda and Devonshire for basic ok quick BBQ chicken and tri tip.Also near the campus for Thai is River Kware on Parhtenia just west of Lindley.

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                              Thanks chuck for correcting me. Yes Barclay's and Alexis are both in the Walnut Grove at Tampa and Nordhoff, not Reseda. Space out!

                            2. I'll add a couple of thoughts:

                              Las Fuentes previously mentioned is our go to Mexican take out place - really good - but for a coming home late, possibly drinking involved, burritos and tacos El Indio has been at Balboa and Roscoe for as long as I can remember. It looks sketchy, but we've never had a problem at all.

                              Hots Tacos at Reseda and Devonshire is different but good. Tacos are $4.50 ish each but worth it. Chips are hot and fresh and addicting. Nachos are huge, and good for sharing.

                              I like California Chicken Cafe (also mentioned above) for healthier fast food -
                              salads or wraps or chicken.

                              I'm not a huge fan of the carnitas at Vallarta Supermarket, but think the $10 chicken dinner (whole chicken/share also) is great. We think the one at Corbin and Vanowen is the best. Also good for cheap meats/veggies/fruit for cooking

                              Beeps at Sherman Way and Woodley - 50s looking divey place, good breakfasts, burgers, etc. (Hobo omlette with home fries is crazy good in the most unheathful way...).

                              1. Many good suggestions already listed. If you willing to take a short (depending upon traffic) drive, here are a few more, a bit further east of CSUN

                                Carneys for good dogs and burgers (Ventura and Whitsett)
                                Carnival (middle eastern) Woodman and Moorpark
                                Tony's Mexican Grill (Coldwater and Magnolia)

                                Each of these suggestions should meet your price point.

                                1. Other cheap eats in the area worthy of mention would include King's on Reseda just south of Plummer and not quite as cheap but yummy, Hot's Cantina at Dev & Reseda/NW corner (depends on what you order) -- the food court at Galleria Market (Dev and Reseda/SW corner) has some good cheap eats, too.

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                                    I have always been curious about what's inside the Galleria Market. I always pass it but never stopped to look around. Does the food court serve mainly Korean dishes?