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Aug 17, 2009 08:36 PM

Brown Rice Sushi in the San Fernando Valley

Hey guys, I really want to take up eating more brown rice sushi. I had some in the west side (M Cafe) and I'm in love with it! But I live in Woodland Hills. Any suggestions tips on West Valley sushi places that CAN do brown rice sushi would be fantastic. So far no luck with the regular places I have tried.

Thanks everyone.

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  1. for future reference, the "Search" function here on Chowhound is incredibly useful. chances are, someone has already asked pretty much whatever question you can come up you can typically find at least one or two answers on the boards already. at the very least you'll usually find a place to start.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      I did use the search function, and those answers were either for general sushi spots or brown rice spots in non west valley-land. So I asked the question again. Thanks for the tip.

      1. re: ucla2003

        bummer. from a quick glance at some of the titles i was hoping one or two of those threads might have answers for you. good luck!

      1. re: wienermobile

        I agree with this. If you're going to eat brown rice sushi, I wouldn't bother going to a restaurant but would just get it from a grocery store. Whole Food also has brown rice sushi.

        1. re: houndofmusic

          just because someone opts to eat sushi prepared with brown rice, it doesn't mean they want to sacrifice variety of choice or settle for crunchy rice, soggy seaweed and day-old fish...which isn't uncommon with pre-made grocery store sushi that's been sitting around in a refrigerated case.

      2. My recollection is that My Brother's at Ventura and Canoga has brown rice but I could be mistaken. Whole Foods on Canoga and Ventura does have it. Beware soggy nori!

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        1. re: TomSwift

          Awesome! 'My Brothers' is right down the street from me, in the West Valley. I'll call them up. Thanks so much.

        2. Roy's Hawaiian Fusion (on Topanga) will do it. I am all about the brown rice sushi (as well as being an MCafe fan) and find that most Japanese restaurants that serve brown rice in their other dishes, will cater to your brown rice sushi request. You may just want to call ahead so they have time to chill the rice.

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          1. re: candee

            Farm Boy, across from Trader Joe's, in Sherman Oaks, has great fresh brown rice sushi because of a high "turn over" rate. Better than a lot of sushi restaurants.

            1. re: candee

              I've always wanted to try Roy's. Thanks for the tip! I'll call them beforehand.