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Aug 17, 2009 07:53 PM

is there a fishermans wharf (like sf) equivilant for Boston? i have a few hours to kill ....

visiting from toronto

I have a few hours to kill in a few weeks on a saturday .... i'm landing at logan .... need to go to wapole ....... and back to logan

i want to stuff myself with seafood

what does everyone recommend?

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  1. I'd say the closest thing to Fisherman's Wharf would be Faneuil Hall
    Marketplace / Quincy Market. Luckily, it is a short cab or subway ride from the airport. Todd English's Kingfish Hall is there but there are lots of spots to have seafood in Faneuil Hall.

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      Indeed. If I remember correctly, the same developer did both Fisherman's Wharf and Quincy Market back around 1970.

    2. Agreed on that general area. Close to airport, etc. Durgin Park or Union Oyster House are classics (Google/Chow/Frommer them). A bit touristy and over developed. You could also try the Italian North End, which is more authentic in flavor, and very close too.

      But Boston is compact: East Coast Grill and Blue room in Cambridge are great, places in the Back Bay, etc. Hope this is in time!

      There are a few Legal Seafoods in town. A chain, but uber good!

      Have fun!

      1. Go to either Neptune Oyster or Daily Catch in the North End. The Sumner Tunnel (NOT the Williams Tunnel) out of the airport will put you right in the North End.

        1. Wander around Quincy market but I'd recommend a quick walk over to the North End.

          Good sightseeing and stuffoworthy seafood at Neptune Oyster.

          1. For a non-touristy neighborhood, arrive at Logan early an take the Blue line subway a couple of stops to Maverick and enjoy East Boston's Latino neighborhood. It lalso has a nice waterview with the Boston skyline in the background. Rincon Limeno (Peruvian) gets rave reviews here for ceviche and fried seafood platter.

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              Second this - WAY WAY better than anything you can find in the Faneuil Hall Quincy Market area.

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                Oops. Location for Rincon Limeno (409 Chelsea Street) is closer to Wood Island stop (one stop from Logan.