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Aug 17, 2009 07:12 PM

Don Pepe's Taqueria (spicy shrimp tacos), Fresno report w/ pics

We went to Don Pepe's Taqueria after a weekend in Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP. It's open on Sunday so we went for dinner around 5pm.

It's a small place that had many customers when we went. There were a few empty tables so we hurried to grab one.

They don't have A/C which is a pain since it was hot in Fresno Sun 8/16/09. They have several fans that blow hot air around.

We got:

Spicy shrimp tacos $3.50 - OMG, these are Really, really, good. A few shrimp that tasted fresh & spicy, rice, cheese, & guacamole wrapped in 2 small corn tortillas. Recommended.

Lengua taco (beef tongue) $1.85 - many chunks of tongue though not tender enough for me, bit too chewy, lots of pinto beans. Just ok.

Al Pastor taco (bbq pork) $1.85 - I took a small sample of the meat. I thought it was just ok, kinda dry for me.

Horchata small $1.30 - I liked it. Not chalky and not too sweet. Very nice.

Friend got chicken burrito $4.85 comes w/ rice & beans. He wished he got the super which has everything.

Salsa bar available for 4 salsas, jalapeno peppers, & limes.

NO FREE Chips given. Friend wanted them. I didn't see any mention on the menu if they even sold it.

Soda fountain if you want that. FREE Water by the soda fountain or I saw some pitchers too.

Edit: Husband & friend both got different beers they did come w/ spicy shrimp & salt in ea bottle. They enjoyed them.

I saw signs for credit card, husband paid cash.

Separate bathrooms available in the back. Parking is easy.

Don Pepe's Taqueria
4582 N Blackstone Ave
Fresno, CA 93726
(559) 224-1431

My pics:

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it. All the shrimp dishes are excellent. Next time you need to order a beer cuz you get a shrimp with salt and hot sauce on the top of every bottle.

    1. Don Pepe's is definitely one of the best taquerias in town for the price. I've been happily grubbing there for the past 7 years. Their burritos are enough to feed a sumo wrestler with a tapeworm. And their shrimp tostada with cabbage, avocado and a light sour cream is divine. Sure, they're a little rough around the edges, but their food and their prices more than make up for the authenticity of their restaurant. Heck, it used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken when I was just a small boy. It's always amazing to me how many good Fresno businesses can pop up in the spaces abandoned by corporate food mills.

      1. Don Pepe's is definitely a favorite eatery with the Fresno (& even Bay Area) chowhound crowd.

        Yes, it can be a bit warm in the dining area at Don Pepe's. When I walk in there, I just have to feel sorry for the guys (& they're always guys) in the kitchen who must be really hot.

        Although I can't vouch for it from personal experience, I would expect that the newer Don Pepe's location near Fresno State probably does have air conditioning since it's an almost brand new building.