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Aug 17, 2009 07:10 PM

a children sized ice cream cone or cup?

The children size cones and cups that we have been served lately are at least one very lagre scoop or often two scoops! The are the size of what I remember as a medium size cone. Do any chain or independent ice cream stands still sell anything really childsized?

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  1. you can just ask for a single scoop

    but no i dont know of any chain with a "child size"

    1. Baskin Robbins child size scoop weighs 2.5 oz. and regular scoop weighs 4 oz.
      I believe Ben & Jerry's also has child size scoops and cups.

      1. Carvel does kid-sized cups and cones. They're not really advertised but the sizes are available. The kid size uses a two ounce scoop. A small is 4 oz, medium 6 oz., etc. Supposedly only kids can get that size but an owner who cares about customer service will serve you whatever you request. You'd be surprised, though, how many parents I've seen order larges for their (soon to be very large) kids.

        1. Lawrence, Ks (Home of the Jayhawks)
          Sylas and Maddie's has a kid's cup. Small cone with a single scoop of some very good ice cream.

          1. No Carvel or B&J's here... but every ice cream place I've been to has a "kid's" size. My kids are 7, 4&1/2 and 3. I won't be ordering a large for them (or myself!) any time soon.