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Aug 17, 2009 07:02 PM

DFW- Anyone seen Local's Restaurant Week menu?

I'm anxious!

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  1. No, but I'm going in a couple days & can report back at that time ;)

    1. I have a reservation at Local on Thursday and haven't seen a menu yet.

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        Please PLEASE PLEASE report back once you go! I'm dying to know -- and we have a picky eater in our crowd, so I need to be sure they will be satisfied :)

        1. re: dg1873

          I searched like mad and could not find it. Odd, to be sure.

      2. I went tonight and had quite a delicious and enjoyable meal. I was there with three other people. I can't remember all of the exact details, but here is what I remember:

        First Course
        --Texas corn soup
        --Heirloom tomato salad with baby arugula, blue cheese & fennel
        --French cow's milk cheese and mushroom dish, it was served like a salad

        --Wild Alaskan halibut with fresh corn
        --Beef tenderloin with an onion risotto
        --Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes

        --Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with ice cream
        --Banana pudding
        --Warm peach tart with ice cream

        4th Course
        --Foie Gras
        --Lobster with romaine hearts and parmesan (basically to me this was a Caesar salad with lobster)
        --The onion risotto that is paired with the beef tenderloin

        I had the heirloom salad, the beef tenderloin, the chocolate cake and opted for the 4th course and had the lobster dish, which was served first. I really liked everything. The beef tenderloin was perfectly cooked and the onion risotto was delicious. The halibut looked great and my boyfriend had the roasted chicken, which he said was a little spicy but good. He loved the mashed potatoes. The chocolate cake was quite a surprise because I wasn't expecting was rich but light and the ice cream in a cone was a great pairing.

        My only complaint is it took about 40 minutes to get our first course. The table next to us waited quite a bit for their dessert. Once we got the first course, the rest of the courses arrived at a typical pace for the restaurant. I like having time between courses so it wasn't a big deal but our reservation was at 8 so by the time the first course arrived, I was quite hungry. Just something to keep in mind. But the service overall was quite good. And I think unlike other restaurants, they are only serving the RW menu, we were not given the regular menu.

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          Thanks for the very informative and helpful description. We're going later in the week. I assume there is a wine pairing - did you try it and, if so what did you think of it?
          Thanks again.

          1. re: dalcook

            Thqanks you Icekeating!! Super helpful!!!!!!!!

            1. re: dalcook

              I did not do the wine pairings but they did have one. Their "champagne drink" is one of my favorite cocktails so it's hard for me to order anything else!

            2. re: lckeating

              Other reviews I've seen have mentioned that the chicken was fried and not roasted.

              1. re: sass

                I could be wrong about it being called a roasted chicken on the menu but it is more of a fried chicken. It's a breast and my boyfriend said it tasted like it was fried in a sweet potato batter. It looked pretty fact, he said he could have it again tonight for dinner.

            3. Differences on tonight's menu from what's listed above ...

              The tomato salad had smoked mozzarella from Paula next door (I call that local)
              The other salad had blue cheese and sauteed pears

              I had the corn soup, which was good, but it looked like I should have had the tomato salad.

              I had the fried chicken, but tasted the tenderloin and risotto, and it was TDF. Had tenderloin at the French Room last night that paled in comparison.

              Had the peach pie, tasted the chocolate cake--probably should have had the banana pudding, which was the waitress' recommendation.

              Central Market course--hello! I had the foie gras with blueberry compote, and it was great. There was also a cheese course. When I pulled out the CM coupons I've been collecting, I had enough for the whole table.

              I didn't have the wine pairing, but those who did seemed to like it.

              They don't have liquor, just wine, beer, champagne, and sake. They make a champagne mojito that was well liked by those who had it.

              This was my first time at Local, and I'll definitely go back. The food outstripped the service, which is of course what I would have chosen had I been given the choice. The decor and ambience was quite pleasant.

              So it looks like there are minor changes each night ...

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              1. re: foiegras

                Wonderful feedback, and wow, great attitude. I bet you entertain the table.

                I absolutely love Paula Lambert and her wonderful products, so it would have been easy to choose the mozzarella salad.

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                  My girlfriend and I were there last night as well.

                  She had the tomato salad. I had the corn soup. While I didn't try her tomato salad, I doubt it could rival my soup. The soup was rich and creamy and full of sweet, corn goodness.

                  I had a fourth course of foie gras. I love foie gras - especially Hudson Valley. This was the only mild disappointment of the night. I prefer a simpler presentation. The large pieces of "Texas Toast" detracted from the butteriness of the goose liver. The greens didn't really do anything other than provide visual complication and the blueberry compote didn't have enough acidity to impact the richness of the dish.

                  For main courses, she had the halibut and I had the chicken. Her halibut looked amazing. My chicken was very good but I couldn't help but have food envy. It didn't help that she confirmed my guess that it was perfectly cooked.

                  For dessert, I had the peach pie and she had the banana pudding. Both were very good. The crust on my peach pie was a denser than I would normally like. Is it too un-PC for a fine dining establishment to use shortening full of trans-fats in their pie crusts?

                  This was our first time there. Really liked the atmosphere. Service was excellent. Will definitely be back. Am looking forward to trying the tasting menu with wine pairings.

                  1. re: foiegras

                    While it is fresh in my mind...

                    My starter was the corn soup, which was awesome. I would have licked the bowl had no one been looking. If you like the sweetness of fresh summer corn, don't even think about ordering one of the salads.

                    I had the onion risotto with sauteed mushrooms as the CM 4th course, which I enjoyed. I don't think I've ever had onion risotto before. The mushrooms added some nice depth.

                    I opted for the halibut as my entree, which was the least enjoyable dish of the night. When combined on the fork with the kale and sweet corn, it worked, however the fish itself (along with the broth it sat in) was severely under seasoned. It just fell a bit flat overall. Definitely was cooked well and felt light, which was nice, but didn't excite the taste buds. A friend had the same opinion of the dish.

                    Dessert was the warm peach pie (more like a mini pie or tart) with peach ice cream. Yum. It sounds like it might be peach overload but no, it was perfection.

                    Service was good if not a bit slow. We didn't wait a long time for each course, but did wait a while to order and get the check. Total time in the restaurant: over 2 hours. Luckily, I actually prefer taking my time and eating at a leisurely pace, so this was fine by me.