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Aug 17, 2009 06:28 PM

Ann Arbor Tex Mex

Two of my best pals recently relocated to Ann Arbor. They are trying to find a restaurant w/some good old fashioned tex mex in the area. Does anyone have any suggestions I can send them?

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  1. Prickly Pear on S. Main St. Likely not the best they've ever had, but probably the best in the area.


    1. They're not officially Tex Mex, but I like the mexican menu items, expecially their burrito, at Seva's which is a vegetarian restaurant

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        Good call, I'll second that one. Definitely ahead of some other places that might consider themselves texmex. (Lookin at you, Tio's)


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          They like the totally Americanized fake mexican... Think quacamole salad and waiters singing on your birthday. All I know is both of them seem to be going through withdrawls from this...

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            The one by the mall (if still open, since it's a cursed location) - El Camino Real - would probably match this description best. I've only been there once. The food was fine though not memorable. The margarita was strong.

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              Try La Fuente in Ypsilanti on Whitaker Rd. about a mile south of I-94. Nicely designed place with big margaritas, Mexican beers, friendly waitstaff. Decent Tex-Mex entrees, especially steaks. For real Mexican I would go to Detroit, but this place is not bad at what it does.

          2. If they want real Tex Mex food, I recommend making the trek out to Detroit. There are some great restaurants in Ann Arbor, but I have been disappointed with Mexican food time after time again.
            I will not dispute that the places mentioned in these posts are not amazing, but if you are craving real tex mex, you cannot find it. The only choices are to either accept the fast food Mexican (Baja Fresh, BTB, Chipotle, Pancheros) or take the 45 minute drive to Mexican Town in Detroit or to other places in the Metro area. (Mexican town is a little less of the Tex, but I don't think your friends will be displeased)

            1. They could try Banditos on 4th. The only thing i've gotten there are the taquitos, which are excellent. My vegetarian friend swears by their make your own burritos.

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                A sort of semi-upscale Southwestern/Tex-Mex place in AA is Prickly Pear. I haven't been for a while, but it just got a good review:


                The patio, as they point out, is nice on a warm night.