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Aug 17, 2009 06:23 PM

Beef or Bison suitable for serving raw in MSP?

So i dont have the money to eat at alma as much as I want, but considering the savings (and fun!) of making things at home id be wiling to pay a fair price for some prime tenderloin or other cut suitable for making into tartare. I'd ideally like the butcher to vouch for their processing enough to endorse eating it raw, but realize that for legal reasons few probably will (both the meat counters at the seward and wedge were nice but said they would not recommend eating their meats in a raw preparation).

Assuming I know no one with a cow that is soon to kick the bucket, where can i find what i need?

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  1. I have eaten beef carpaccio with meat from Coastal Seafood. I do not know if they would actually endorse this idea or not, but they might be a good place to look.

    1. I've made tartare from the beef from Lunds and from Seward Co-op. No one is going to say it is safe. Good luck.

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      1. re: churchka

        I figured as much, but all the advice i've seen across other threads and sites has been, go with someone you trust, but i guess they all live in lala land where liability laws don't apply.

        when you made it what cut did you use?

        1. re: tex.s.toast

          Sirloin per Anthony Bourdain's recipe.

          Also, I agree with Laura above to check out Coastal Seafood. They are used to dealing with food meant to be eaten raw, so they may have some insight.

      2. I've never done this, but I have seriously thought about it. I would go to the Saint Paul farmers market and ask the farmers (ranchers?) what they thought of it. That way at least you are buying it from the people who raised the beef/bison and there is as little handling as possible buying it from the source. Plus, it's likely that these people operate a cleaner facility than even the fancy stuff from Byerlys. If they gave the ok, I'd give it a try.

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        1. re: galewskj

          My concern would be with the frozen state of much of the meat available through independent/farmers market producers. I have a connection to a bison-grower but they don't process any of the meat themselves so id be at the mercy of their contract processor. It seems like this should be a good way to do it but im just not sure - i guess in an ideal world id have it timed so they would have just processed a whole animal and could get me what i wanted, but it doesn't seem like most of them are set up to accommodate something like that.

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            yeah I wouldn't want to use frozen meat for that. you could probably ask at any of the butchers when they get the carcass and request a specific cut on that day. this would be particularly easy at Clancey's.

        2. If all meat is government inspected after slaughter then it is just a matter of how many hands it has passed through to get to where you buy it if you are making tartare then use Filet of beef or Buffalo its all the same chance you are taking. For myself I would do it no problem. Also those guys that said they would not reccomend eating raw meat the they are just ........ weak.

          1. If you buy a whole piece of meat, wash it well, and grind it yourself, the meat should be perfectly safe. The main issue with meat contamination is during the grinding process, when the surface area is increased and meat grinders can get contaminated. But with a whole chunk of beef or bison, as long as you rinse it, you should have no issues. I wouldn't be terribly concerned about where you are getting it from, as long as it's a reputable butcher.