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Aug 17, 2009 06:17 PM

I need a watermelon in Forest Hills, Queens

My sister has asked me to make a watermelon boat and fill it with fruit salad, for her daughter's first birthday party on August 9. I used to make them 1x or 2x a year for big summer gatherings. The last few times I've tried to find one of those big, long ones, I haven't been able to. It seems the market is really going toward the more round seedless melons.

I checked Trade Fair on Queens Blvd., Natural and C-Town on Austin Street, to no avail. I haven't checked any of the big supermarkets, like Stop & Shop, Waldbaum's or Pathmark yet, nor have I checked any other produce places. I recall last year seeing a guy with a truck parked on 20th Avenue, near BJ's selling them. But I don't recall if he's around this year and something makes me a little nervous buying like that.

I really don't need the melon until over a week from now, but I thought that maybe someone might have seen them around recently. It will make more work for me making that fancy melon basket rather than just cutting up chunks of fruit, but my positively adorable niece, who my sister thinks sometimes looks like me, is worth it.


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  1. They had the long blimp shaped ones at Stop and Shop a few days ago, right by the door when you come in at produce--they weren't very sweet though, tried 2 of them...