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Aug 17, 2009 05:22 PM

Ethnic lunch in Worcester?

I'm heading to Worcester Saturday morning and am looking for an interesting lunch, hopefully not too far from the art museum.

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  1. Others on the board have mentioned One Love Cafe on Main St. I've never been. It's Jamaican cuisine.

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    1. re: TrollKing

      One Love is good but it's slow service so be forewarned. I recommend Baja Grille all the way. The Middle Eastern places are ok but then I am partial to Mom's Armenian cooking. Anh Thu is my favorite Vietnamese and love their bubble tea..

      1. re: mrwynter

        Thanks for all the recs.

        BTW - Baja Grille doesn't do lunch.

        Anyone have more info on the Domincan/Puerto Rican place? Like roughly what number/block on Main?

        1. re: velotrain

          They just stopped doing lunch recently. The owner has mentioned that their business is in big trouble...

    2. My favorites:
      El Basha, Park ave or Belmonts St.
      Da Lat, Viet on Park Ave.
      One Love, Second the suggestion.
      Shiraz, Armenian on Park Ave
      Baba Sushi, Park Ave
      ( a trend, perhaps?)
      Baja, Millbury St.

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      1. Besides the previously mentioned places, there is also a Domincan/Puerto Rican place on Main Street next to Clark (and Saigon Restaurant).

        But if you're looking for ethnic/Worcester food, I would strongly suggest Vietnamese as that seems to have become the dominant ethnic cuisine with 6+ restaurants in the city. My favorites are Anh Thu (on Park Ave) and Pho Dakao (also on Park Ave).

        Don't limit yourself to what's immediately by the WAM, there's too much good food in the city!