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Aug 17, 2009 05:05 PM

Seoul in September

So im off to Seoul on 9/15 and will be there for about a week. Im looking for interesting places to eat and/or shop for great food. Im obviously itnerested in trying the local fare (im from Los Angeles and am fairly well versed in Korean food) but want to know if there are specific areas that are famous for specific foods (that i should try). I heard that one city was famous for its squid (i dont know what city that is though) and am wondering if someone can educate me on such places. Any recs would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Come on Hounds...dont fail me now.

    1. I wish I could help! I did have an outstanding lunch (2007) at the Seoul branch of DTF, but being from LA, this might not excite you so much. Be sure to visit the Noryangin fish market; buy your pickings from the fish and seafood vendors and take them to one of the restaurants in the market to eat. This is where I had my first taste of the famous live octopus.

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        Thanks Erica. I definately will not miss the fish market. Thats very appealing to me.

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          Good! It is a MUST for any Chowhound. I saw no other tourists when I was there. And I also saw some really unusual looking sea creatures! I think there is a discussion of the market on this site..

      2. I'll be in Seoul the same week, my fourth visit. Seoul is huge. I try to focus on places near where I'm staying and with good subway access and directions

        Having been to Insadong once, it's like a Korean West Village. Itaewon, once is enough too.

        Last visit I got to try weekday breakfast at the Grand Hyatt--a $30 meal that flat out was the equal of any hotel meal I ever had and on a par with many fine restos--go figure. I also ate supper three times at small place in Yeoido 3 doors down from my hotel that had excellent samgyeopsal (pork belly), It was close, convenient and decent.

        On a visit to Namdaemun Market around lunchtime, I saw delivery people balancing trays atop their heads. I followed one into a narrow street into an alley into a pathway to bustling restaurant packed with Korean ladies who lunch. I quickly joined them and pointed my way to Doen Jang Jiigae. Very decent.

        This visit I'm staying near Gongdeok Station, at the transfer point of two subway lines, although most of my visit will not be in Seoul. I am hoping though, to make it to Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan on Sunday before heading up to the 'factory' to work.

        Good luck! Let us know what you find.

        1. So what have you found?