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Aug 17, 2009 04:57 PM

raw/unpasteurized milk in Vancouver?

Greetings Foodies,

In my endless search for Icelandic skyr I have come to the sad realization that I am going to have to make it myself-in fact, at this moment I am thinning the rennet in boiled milk-I digress-but the recipe I have says that the skim milk should be unpasteurized for the best skyr.

Does anyone know where one might purchase this milk? Is it illegal? Do I need to post on craigslist and meet a farmer in a field somewhere, or it is possible to purchase it legitimately?

Help me chowhoundies, you're my only hope!

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  1. Meeting a farmer @ midnight is your only hope!

    1. It's hard enough to keep chickens in your backyard, but a good cow might be your simplest way to raw milk!

      1. When I looked into it last year, it's illegal to sell, or even give away, raw milk in BC. The only option is to buy a 'share' of a cow, which then entitles you to a certain amount of milk. It would probably be easier to drive across the border into Washington state, where raw milk is sold legally (I've seen it at Terra Organica in Bellingham). Sorry there isn't an easier option - I have a similar problem finding low-heat-pasteurized milk for making cheese.

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          same deal here in Alberta. In fact I doubt that even if anyone had a source here in Canada on Chow they would not divulge it. It is possible to find it on the black market, I just cannot tell you how, I can get it from a health care provider, but you would have to be lucky to find someone. Oh ya, and it is very expensive it you get it.

          the share of a cow thing is interesting....I may look into that. I have a feeling it would mean learning to milk a cow though. If you can get it in Washington, that is definitely the best way. I wonder if it is legal to bring into Canada raw? something to find out....

          1. re: cleopatra999

            wow, it seems so dodgy and underground, all for a little milk, how funny!
            I suspect it is illegal to bring it into Canada raw if you can't purchase it in Canada raw.

            1. re: willow72

              It used to be really hard to even get raw milk cheese though I understand that's eased up a bit since I worked at a cheese shop in Vancouver many moons ago.

        2. Home on the Range dairy in Chilliwack sells raw milk through a herdshare program, like the one an above poster mentioned. It's silly that it's not legal to buy in stores!!

          I have found raw cheeses in grocery stores though, you just have to know what to look for.

          1. I just found your Aug. '09 blog. Did you have any success with your recipe?
            currently working on it myself but so many different recipes with little success.
            Which bacterial culture did you use?
            Siggi's is wonderful but not available in Canada. I also wonder how they manage the 6 week shelf life.
            Any advice on making it at home would be appreciated. Really can't continue cross border trips to fill my skyr cravings.