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Aug 17, 2009 04:28 PM

Affordable, delicious catering for a party-- near Ossining/Briarcliff area?

My fellow CHs...

My sister and I want to throw a surprise anniversary party for my parents this fall for approximately 50 people. We already have in mind an inexpensive space to rent in Ossining. What we are looking for is a local place that can provide us with trays of food at a cost that isn't exorbitant. We are both 20somethings and are definitely doing this on a budget so are looking for good food at a reasonable price, nothing fancy.

One place on our list to investigate is Isabella's, which doesn't have a dedicated catering menu, but does do trays of food. We are HUGE fans of Khan's, but unfortunately, I don't know if all our guests would go for that. I'd say Italian is probably a good bet, or something that would be generally crowd pleasing. I see Santorini has a catering menu, which intrigues me.

We are planning on taking care of desserts and beverages ourselves.

I would love suggestions of restaurants, especially from people with firsthand experiences, within a 10-15 minute radius of Ossining! Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Memphis Mae's BBQ in Croton does a lot of catering, and their food is first rate. Capriccio II, also in Croton, does delicious trays of Italian food.

    Also check out Jean-Jacques in Pleasantville. They can be quite reasonable.

    1. Have you tried the Tuscan Grill in Briarcliff, I've never had their catering but we enjoy the restaurant...... http://www.thetuscangrilleofbriarclif...

      1. Thanks for the suggestions so far...I had thought of J-J but not the others.

        Another thing we can't figure out is just how much food we'd need for 50 adults since we've never planned a party for so many people before.... Our family has the tendency to get twice as much food as we need because we are so terrified there won't be enough... and we'd like to avoid overspending here.

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          Experienced caterers are very good at helping you know how much food to get. You might want to call a few places and compare how much food (and the cost) each recommends.

        2. I recently went to a party catered by Turco's--it was very good.

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            Oh, this is a great rec too! I love how they have the whole menu up. They have an option for 50 ppl that is $18/pp including 5 trays of hot food, 2 heros, salad, rolls, and bread... which sounds promising.... although we might be able to do salad/apps ourselves... I will definitely be calling around to these places.

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              Turco's is always the first place I think of for catering. My family and I have been getting their catering for years. The food is great - love their heroes and chicken dishes -- also - they do great cakes too if you thought of getting your parents a sheet cake (1/2 a sheet cake feeds 50 people). They did the most amazing cake for my son's christening. Happy Anniversary to your parents! :o)

          2. ask the empanada place in briarcliff if they can do it, food is good, people nice,