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Aug 17, 2009 04:28 PM

L.A. Luxury Chocolate Salon?

I came across info on a chocolate event in October, in Pasadena. The website is:

I wanted to share the info, but I also wanted to ask if anyone knows if this is a worthwhile event. I don't recognize the chocolate makers listed, so I am hesitant. Anyone have experience with either the event or the chocolatiers?

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  1. I attended the first one two years ago and found it disappointing, but it seems that it has grown and has more vendors signed up for this year, so it might be better.

    1. I went as well, maybe last years. Can't remember...this where I learned about Vosges,Chuao and Malibu Toffee, which was really outstanding. Tabasco was there as well with their version of a chili chocolate... Call and ask if you could be a volunteer. This gives you free entrance. I stayed for about 3/4 hours, helped a little, tasted all I wanted, bought a few samples, and had enough. Looks like it has in fact grown and maybe there's more to see. I wasn't too impressed when I went.

      1. Thanks for the info, sku and Kitchen Queen. It sounds like you both were disappointed with this event, but it might be bigger/better this year. So it's a tough call as to whether it's worthwhile.

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          I went last year and would have liked my money back! Many vendors were either out of samples or almost making you beg to try something......
          If you decide to go - go early.

          1. re: shebop

            That's it, I'm not going. Thanks for the input, everyone.

        2. The original comment has been removed