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Aug 17, 2009 04:12 PM

best coffee in Hicksville?

Where's the best place to get coffee in Hicksville? I'm looking for suggestions for very good iced coffee (I normally go to Georgio's in Huntington) or late-type drinks.

Is House of Donuts any good?

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  1. While it may be inconvenant, I've had great coffee at IKEA and some good but gooey cinnamon buns both to go if you wish.

    1. I've looked around for coffee in that general area (admittedly, it was a casual search) and decided the best you can do is go the least-horrible route--i.e.,, coffee that 's drinkable rather than very good. DD and the like.

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      1. re: Scott_R

        That's what I figured....

        Today I got iced coffee from the new-ish 7-11 at the intersection of Old Country Rd and 107. I normally think that 7-11 coffee surpasses DD but today's iced coffee tasted a little off. Granted, it could be the milk I added.

        Anyway, I think I will try House of Donuts sometime this week, and @scunge: I'll give IKEA a try too. Too bad Georgio's in Huntington and Mo Joe in Mineola are too far.

      2. House of Donuts iced coffee was bitter -- not worth repeating.