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Aug 17, 2009 03:53 PM

Smoked Mozzarella in San Diego

I need some good smoked mozzarella for a risotto but hadn't any luck finding it so far. Does anybody know where to find it (if possible in the La Jolla/Mira Mesa area) ?

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  1. Henry's usually has it, actually.

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    1. re: Josh

      So does Trader Joes, not mind blowing quality but it will work in a pinch.

      1. re: stevuchan

        I looked at TJ, WF, Ralphs, Vons (but not at Henry's) and couldn't find it. At which TJ have you seen it ?

        1. re: honkman

          Henry's sells this one:

          The one on Governor Drive should have it.

          1. re: honkman

            I got some at the UTC TJ's or Ralph's but that was a year ago. Worst case scenario, call Venissimo.

            1. re: daantaat

              I've seen it at both TJ I frequent PB and UTC. Here is an unofficial commercial that might explain your troubles.


      2. honkman,

        did you find smoked mozzarella (or an acceptable substitute)? if so, where? I have a recipe that calls for it.


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        1. re: daantaat

          Regularly stocked at the refrigerator case to the left of the entrance at Mona Lisa deli- good quality scamorza.

          1. re: SaltyRaisins

            do you have an address/location for Mona Lisa?

            1. re: daantaat

              Little Italy on the corner of India and Hawthorn.

              2061 India Street, 92101

              My "link to a place" function doesn't seem to work. Sorry.

          2. re: daantaat

            I didn't have time to look last week but will look next week.

            1. re: honkman

              Bristol Farms in UTC while super expensive has an amazing cheese selection. Give them a call.

              1. re: LaurenZ

                I looked already at Bristol Farms a few weeks ago and they didn't have any.

                1. re: honkman

                  To reiterate, Henry's on Governor Dr.


                  1. re: Josh

                    thanks, Josh! I think we'll swing by there after the weekly run to Convoy...

                    1. re: Josh

                      Bought the smoked mozzarella today ay Henry's. It was good but the "smoked" flavor was stronger than I expected and was a little overpowering for the risotto.

                      1. re: honkman

                        FWIW I had same kind of experience using Linkery bacon for a Carbonara, too much for the dish.

                        1. re: stevuchan

                          Everything I've read about carbonara warns against bacon for that very reason.

                          1. re: Josh

                            Ya, thats why I use pancetta in my carbonara. I have been meaning to make some guanciale and use that in place of the pancetta, but I have not gotten around to it.

                            1. re: Captain Jack

                              is there a local source for guanciale? Kitchen is all packed up getting ready to move. Josh, I've also read some on Carbonara and some say bacon from the GIs during the war was used, althouugh I think the dish predates that era. It is a controversial topic on the Home Cooking board.

                              1. re: stevuchan

                                It does: it was served first at "La Carbonara" restaurant in Campo dei' Fiori in Rome. Don't believe them when they say that "it was a dish popular among coal miners." The restaurant gets it's name from the charcoal works that occupied the same space for over a hundred years. An perfect dish when done correctly. That calls for guanciale, pecorino (not Parmigiano), garlic, black pepper, an egg and fresh shelled peas if they're in season.

                                1. re: stevuchan

                                  Don't know about guanciale here. I know that Tsuruhashi has pork jowl on their menu though.

                                  1. re: stevuchan

                                    Knight Salumi has guanciale. Go to the farmers market in Little Italy and ask for it.

                              2. re: stevuchan

                                Bacon is too smokey, try panchetta, spec or procuitto, it'll give you the depth you want in the dish.

                  2. ok, I found it! Mona Lisa had it and about 3/4 lb cost just under $7. I haven't tried it yet and have no idea if it's "good" or not, but at least I found it and I think it'll be fine for my purposes.

                    Went to Henry's and their smoked mozzarella is fresh, not aged. For my needs, it needed to be aged.

                    Went to Venissimo and they didn't have it either. They had another smoked cheese that was tasty, but not the flavor I was looking for.

                    Thanks for everyone's help!