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Aug 17, 2009 03:40 PM

What candy (chocolate) Bars do you still crave?

Lately I've been craving Cadbury Flake and Bournville bars, as well as Yorkie Bars! I'm going to have to plan a trip to the "Burbs to buy some.

What bars do you crave or miss?

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  1. Twix. Just thinking about them makes me want one really REALLY badly. (My daughter came home with one the other day & shared, before that, I wouldn't have been able to answer this question.)

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    1. re: shanagain

      I have a great throwing arm and 50 in my freezer that I save for the grands.
      How far do ya live? hahahh

      1. re: iL Divo

        So funny, because I'm staring down a bagful after putting together a care package for my son in college. So far I haven't stolen any. (I did nab a Slim Jim - another odd guilty pleasure of mine.)

    2. Mounds. And sadly, because they are available in little candy dishes as my afternoon need for a little bit of chocolate kicks in at work, "the great American chocolate bar" (Hershey's) really does the trick. I also just cut out a coupon to try new Dove bars with creamy peanut butter filling...mmmmmmmmmmm! Anyone tried these yet?

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      1. re: kattyeyes

        Mounds. Always Mounds. I'd love a Waleeco bar too (same idea) but they aren't made any more. 8<(

        1. re: Bob W

          I love mounds and almond joy bars too. I wish Peter Pan would create a hybrid of the two.... coconut, dark chocolate, and almond. Wouldn't that be so good? But I also love heath bars.

          1. re: kubasd

            As a college freshmen I worked at seven-eleven and was therefore privy to all the promotional and "special edition! limited time only!" candies and snacks. My all time favorite was the all to short time we had dark chocolate almond joy. I must've eaten an entire display box by myself. This was a most guilty pleasure for me due to my life long, overt hatred of anything containing flaked coconut. As a little kid I'd decided they must really be cuticles and someone (my sister) was trying to fool me.

            1. re: jdoyle2254

              I'm not a huge fan of coconut myself, but for some reason Almond Joys always slip through...I'm surprised the dark chocolate didn't make it.

              1. re: schrutefarms

                I can still find them all over the place, you mean they're hard to come by now? they are the best......

            2. re: kubasd

              love heath and almond joys and skor and synphony toffee.

              there is a recipe on here somewhere for home made almond joys.
              I really must try to make it one day. I can do a 'sorta' version of a heath but that's easy.

              Canada has something like almond joy called bounty I think they're good too

        2. the only one i recall craving in recent years is Goldenberg's Peanut Chews because they were mentioned in a thread a few months ago. now that i think about it, even if i did crave one, i can't imagine wanting more than a bite or two - the thought of any more than that sort of sickens me when i think about how cloyingly sweet most of them were. having said that:
          - Toblerone
          - 100 Grand
          - Baby Ruth
          - Whatchamacallit
          - Milky Way Dark
          - Kit Kat
          - Skor or Heath
          - 3 Musketeers
          - Coffee Crisp

          of course now i'm nauseated from thinking about all of them at once!

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          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Oh, GHG, I remember our Goldenberg's discussion, and it's sad that even now that I'm on the wrong coast, they just don't exist. One of the last things I did (literally) before moving from NY was buy two bags of the individually wrapped ones (original dark choc., of course), one for the SO and me on the cross-country drive, one to keep "for later."

            Once in a blue moon, I give in to Reese's cups or a Kit Kat, twice in a blue moon, I'll have a York Pppermint Patty or peanut or almond M&M's. This adds up to a couple times a year, as opposed to dark choc. bars which may or may not have other flavors (usually not). When confronted with a vending machine and a need for sustenance, Baby Ruth was always my choice, with its high peanuts-to milk choc. and sweet goop ratio.

            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              one day soon after that discussion i spotted the current Just Born version at the checkout stand at Shop Rite, so of course i had to buy a pack out of curiosity. one look at the ingredient list told me i was in for disappointment, but i tried a bite anyway. awful waxy flavor & consistency. ick.

              so sad :(

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Yep, actually saw them in a video rental place in CA after they went into production, but had already heard, harrumph, ain't the same, so I didn't bother trying. At least if Godenberg's were still around, I could mail order if the hankering got strong enough - but the CA move, Goldenberg's fold were about simultaneous, so they're impossible nostalgia now.

              1. I am more of a savory person. I eat chocolate rarely but when I do...

                GooGoo Clusters
                (English) Cadbury's
                Heath bars