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Aug 17, 2009 02:34 PM

Baby Shower Sweets

Coming in town to host a baby shower and was looking for someone that makes specialty cakes or something really good in the sweet area. Needs to be cake or cake like I would think. Other than just the standard bakeries that make white cakes with icing does anyone have a recommendation???

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  1. For parties with a theme, I like to have character cookies made by JCB Creations 504-324-9933. Picking up cookies tomorrow with a Gulf Coast theme: sailboats, crabs, shrimp and seagulls. Not only are these cookies cute, but they are delicious! She also does great cakes. If she does not have the cookie cutter needed for your theme, she will get it. Very accomodating. Here is the website

    1. my first thought was baby-themed cupcakes (or at least an assortment with pink blue frosting if the baby's sex isn't known). maybe contact some local bakeries that do cupcakes to see if anyone can do a special order? i Googled a few for you:

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        I love Nolacakes. They have done several darling cakes for me in the past.

      2. Sucre has some amazing party sweets. Was at a party a couple of weeks ago and was amazed with how beautiful they were.

        Also check out Bee Sweet cupcakes on Magazine St.

        1. The last Baby Shower I hosted I ordered a variety of petit four cakes from DeFilice Bakery on Magazine st. Everyone loved the selection of miniture cakes. Their regular size cakes are great too and they have a diverse selection of types.

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            Thanks. I've had other people recommend O'Delice on Magazine but unfortunately they don't have a website. Has anyone used Flour Power in Chalmette?

          2. Off the beaten path is Sweet and Savour's bakery in Gentilly on Elysian Fields - they do all the regular things, but also do special order king cakes, petit foures, and strawberry shortcakes, off the top of my head. They also make their own donuts. My bf is a huge fan of their specialty cake squares - lemon, caramel, red velvet, german chocolate - with tiny thin layers of cake and icing, but larger and less meltaway than petite fours.

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              No New Orleans baby shower is complete without "mixed cakes" (little 1-2 bite cakes, petit fours, a "champagne" which is a tiny pastry shell with raspberry filling and petit four icing top, etc) from Swiss (Confectionery) My family has gotten cakes from Swiss for 40+ years. Excellent....
              747 Saint Charles Ave
              New Orleans, LA 70130-3713
              (504) 522-7788