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Aug 17, 2009 02:24 PM

local, freshly ground flour

There is a new vendor at the Arlington Courthouse Farmers' Market. You can buy locally-grown and freshly ground whole wheat and rye flours. They also have free-range eggs. I have only tried the whole wheat flour.

Even if you think you don't like the taste of whole wheat flour, you should try this. I mixed some in to my rustic, salt-free Tuscan bread. I've made two batches now, and the taste and smell of the bread is wonderful. I used a larger proportion of whole wheat in the second batch, and smell and taste was even better. The crust is beautiful, too.

It has none of the icky taste that I associate with whole wheat. I had tried King Arthur Flour whole wheat, and even their white whole wheat wasn't all that good. I think perhaps the freshness is part of the reason.

In addition, it makes a very nice bread that is not too dense when compared to other whole wheat breads.

Typically, when I use some portion of whole wheat, I have to increase the amount of yeast. I did this the first time, and it over-rose, deflating some when it hit the hot stone floor of the oven. I still used more yeast the second time, but I watched it like a hawk so that it didn't do this again. Rising times were down. In the future, I'll decrease the yeast even more so as to lengthen the rising and make it even more tasty.

I don't recall the cost, but whatever it is, it's worth it. Beats King Arthur all over the place, which isn't all that inexpensive, particularly when you factor in shipping.

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  1. If this is the same guy, he's also been showing up at Dupont for the first time this month.

    1. Do you have a name or contact for the flour mill or purveyor?

        1. re: monavano

          he's also at the falls church city farmers market....i'll have to try their stuff.

          1. Wow, thank you for this tip. I know where I'll be this Saturday.

            Speaking of the Arlington market, do you know if the mushroom vendor is there all summer? Are mushrooms a seasonal thing?

            1. Would you mind sharing the recipe for your rustic, salt-free Tuscan bread? I have two big bags of Moutoux Orchard's whole wheat flour and I'd love to bake a batch of bread with them today (especially since it's a rainy day).

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              1. re: Shaw_Girl

                Sorry I was not around for a while. I'll post my progress so far in developing my recipe on the home cooking board.

                Yes, mushrooms are available there all summer.