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Aug 17, 2009 02:23 PM

Adirondacks - Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern?


Just wondering what worthwhile oriental options exist in the Adirondacks as I'll be vacationing there soon. Thanks!

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  1. I think your key word is "worthwhile." LOL.

    No, you will not find good ethnic options throughout 99% of the park. You'll be lucky if you can find a decent hamburger. Where exactly are you going to be? It's a huge area...

    1. I've made this comment before when this question has been raised on this board. The Adirondack Park is covers 6.1 million acres, roughly the same size as the State of Vermont. It might help if you would narrow your question down a bit and tell us roughly where you will be in those 6.1 million acres.

      1. The Capital Region (Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, Troy) has one Lebanese restaurant on Central Avenue in Albany a few Chinese restaurants (CCK on Central Avenue in Albany is our favorite), have not been to Karavelli (Indian) in downtown Saratoga Springs but hear good things. I have only been to Yoshi for sushi, it's on New Loudon Road in Latham.

        So you might want to bring a cooler and stop at a grocery store (Asian Supermarket on Central Avenue in Albany, etc.) and pack a picnic lunch, etc. before you head to the Adirondacks :)

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          The Capital Region has a half-dozen Lebanese restaurants, at least one Syrian restaurant, probably more than two dozen Indian restaurants, Korean, Thai, and a hundred or so Chinese restaurants, of which at least a dozen are worth eating at. It's just not the Adirondacks, quite. Glens Falls, more-or-less the Adirondacks has several Chinese restaurants, none of them noteworthy; likewise Old Forge. Don't know about Lake Placid, but there's a Greek restaurant there some people like.

          1. re: PSZaas

            Thanks, PSZaas, still eating my way around the region. Are the hundred or so Chinese and other ethnic restaurants hound worthy? If I was heading to the Adirondacks with my cooler I'd need to make a side trip to get my food fix :)

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              No! Only a dozen or so are hound-worthy. CCK is probably the best.

        2. Hi,

          Sorry for not being more specific. Near Lake George.

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