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Aug 17, 2009 02:22 PM

What is the real info on Angus, Certified Angus etc.?

I bought 2 eye rounds this weekend. They were both in cryopak. One said Certified Angus, the other said Angus. I know there are experts ready to give the real definitions and what they mean.

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    1. Certified Angus Beef must meet set standards. If you read the thread Caitlin mentioned you can see more about that. The only real reason I would buy certified angus beef (CAB) is because one of the program requirements is that the lean and skeletal maturity must be A (which is the youngest possible beef maturity. This is just one part of determing the grade which can be Choice OR Prime in the case of CAB. Younger beef typically means more tender beef. I would not pay too much of a premuim for CAB, but if it was only a little more I consider it.

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        I'm more concerned with marbling than labeling when buying beef.

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          Hear, hear. I remember shopping at a local supermarket where I saw people buying some Certified Angus rib steaks from the premium meat counter after having looked over a bunch of rib steaks that had just been put in the bargain fridge. The bargain fridge steaks where half the price of the Angus steaks from the premium meat counter, but if you looked at them closely you could easily see that they were exactly the same. People are idiots and that's why there's money in marketing.