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Aug 17, 2009 02:02 PM

Where can I buy the chinese buns used for pork belly sandwiches?

Hi -

I'll be making pork belly sandwiches (a la momofuku) at a dinner party and don't want to make the buns myself. Are they sold frozen or fresh anywhere?

I live uptown so anywhere north of chinatown preferable, but if chinatown is my only option, then please post here.


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    I've also seen something somewhat familiar (think bing or flat mantou like the old province) under the manhattan bridge, near corner of division street and eldridge. can't remember exact cross streets but they are sold out of a bag from those vendors that also carry all kind of dry goods as well as buns, meats and others. Not a transient vendor since they are built right into the structure of the bridge building.

    1. This thread should help too:

      I've never seen the frozen ones any where other than in Chinatown. Are you using a David Chang recipe for the pork belly?

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          That's the one I used for the pork belly - have fun! And did you find the buns?

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            Party is this Saturday, will be going searching for them this Friday evening. Do you happen to know what time these places close?

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              I was at Mantou yesterday and noticed that they sell the steamed buns for $1.95 each ( not sure). It's at 53 bet. 2/3rd Avenues.

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                those are different anyway than the gua-bao or he-ye-bao that JoLi is looking for, esp. if going for the momofuku style (or taiwanese hamburger style) but as I mentioned early in this thread, you can get that type of bun (or bings) that mantou/province uses under the manhattan bridge on division st. for cheap, I forget how much. these are the ones usually stuffed with mustard greens or pieces of pork belly and wrapped in saran wrap, sold for about $1.25 each. these are also found in a lot of the northern/muslim bread places in the flushing malls, stuffed with lamb or other fillings.

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                  Side note - "Taiwan hamburger style" brings back fond memories of train trips in Jiangnan in the 1990's - "Taiwan-shi hanbaobao" constantly being touted on the loudspeaker system. Since hamburgers were fairly dismal in Taipei when we lived there - and since Chinese railway food is uninspiring to say the least - we were not overly motivated to seek them out (nor did we see anyone indulging in same).

                  1. re: buttertart

                    I think they serve a version of this Taiwan hamburger at Dim Sum Go Go.

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                I'm afraid I don't know, as I'm never around there in the evening. My sense of being in that area though is that things seem to stay open late. Maybe worth a call or two.

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                  i would try to hit these places relatively early, before 8pm, possibly 9pm but no later. the now-shrunken Dynasty on Elizabeth and Hester tends to stay open the latest of the large markets but even then, it won't be open mega-late.

          2. Thanks everyone!!!

            I did make this this past Saturday and it was a smashing success, everyone loved it and it was so easy to make!

            Just FYI, I did find these at Deluxe Food Markets and at Hong Kong supermarket accross the street on Elizabeth. However, the ones at Deluxe Food Market I found way too big for the purpose. HK had many brands so I found the size I was looking for. It was next to the tofu in the refrigerated section.

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              saw this at the supermarket on the corner of elizabeth and hester, i think. brand is choon hee or something, looks like you get about 12 ot 16 in a box, frozen. found against the back wall.