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Aug 17, 2009 01:10 PM

Florida Road Trip - Chow Recs needed please

Hi everyone, in February my husband friend and i will be taking a road trip around Florida. Our itinerary is as follows:

2 nights Orlando
3 nights Fort Lauderdale (one evening meal in Miami area)
3 nights Key West
1 night Naples
1 night Clearwater

I am hoping for food recs along the way. We like to go casual - travelling from the UK we don't bring fancy clothes or suits. We don't have the need to "be seen" or be with the "IT" crowd! We love to try mom and pop places with good home cooked food and no pretension.

As an idea, some places we have previously enjoyed in Florida are Cheesecake Factory (all over), Smokey Bones, Original Pancake House (Ft Lauderdale).

We enjoy the following cuisines:

Breakfast fayre (pancakes, french toast, eggs etc)

We also love good cocktails and nice cold beer :)

All recs are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. nobody dresses up in Fl so don't worry about that - maybe a polo shirt or 2 for your husband if you fancy something a bit more upmarket otherwise shorts are fine.

    1. We have to get you out of the cheesecake factory. we can do better.

      St. Pete/Tampa area:

      In Clearwater, Christino's (sp?) pizza---- excellent. Get their house made gelato, too.

      In. St. Pete, Ceviche for good tapas. I'm sure our Pinellas hounds will chime in. For a rustic breakfast, do Skyway Jack's.

      There's a solid Vietnamese presence in Pinellas Park, hopefully someone can share one.

      In Tampa, Pane Rustica is a solid rec for lunch, dinner, and baked goods. Osteria Natalina does Italian well at good prices. Brocato's for some massive sandwiches, devil crabs, and onion rings. The Columbia for a Cuban and a cocktail, there's on in St. Pete with a nice view. China Yuan for great Chinese.