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Aug 17, 2009 01:04 PM

Service Difference Between Alcohol an no Alcohol Ordered

My girlfriend and I both think that service is 'better' (friendlier, faster, etc) when we order alcohol before/during the meal.
In other words, we are being partially ignored if we do not order alcohol.
Another person's comments are that if anything ... the service would be faster because they want the patrons to finish quickly so that the table would be available sooner for clients ordering low-cost and high-priced items like alcohol.

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  1. I notice this as well. I find I get attitude from Toronto servers when I say I don't want wine or other alcohol with a meal.

    Drives me crazy, sometimes I don't want to drink for various reasons and I shouldn't be treated differently because of this.

    1. I agree--I have noticed that sometimes (not usually, thankfully) we get worse service than neighboring tables when we do not order alcohol. I'm pretty sure that there have been occasions when, as a result of not ordering alcohol, we've been pegged as people who would be spending less and therefore leaving less tip, and thus not worth expending much effort on. But it's not been a speed issue at all, it's been an issue of neglecting to tell us about specials, not checking in on us, not being friendly, etc.

      1. yeh it's called 'a bigger tip'.

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            I'm somewhat surprised to find myself in such a minority. Presumably yet another example of how the attitudes towards service and tipping here in Europe differ so much from North America.

          2. jfood sees it all the time since he does not drink. And they always say that it's because of the bigger tip. Well it is a self-fulfilling prophesy, since less service means less tip.

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              And I agree with jfood, as I do most, if not all, of the time. :-) Worse... we order water! Egads! Yeah, we're polite, don't return our food, and generally leave within 1 hour and will tip our 15% even if you give us bad service. Personally, I'd rather serve us than take the chance with some others who are perceived to be better tippers...