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Aug 17, 2009 01:03 PM


Just moved to New Orleans and was wondering where a good wing place is around garden district.

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  1. WOW Cafe and Wingery is pretty good for wings. They have a location near Tulane and one Uptown on Magazine.

    1. Wow is decent; it's a chain but a local one. It's not in the GD, but the Wing Shack on Claiborne has tons of flavors. That one's take-out only.

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      1. re: midcity

        I don't know how local it is. I've seen one in Towson, Maryland.

        1. re: kukubura

          Thanks kukubura. Towson is only an 18 hour drive from the Garden District.

          1. re: speyerer

            Haha, and well worth the trip, let me tell you!

            My only point was that WOW may not be a local establishment. It could be the McDonald's of wings. I dunno.

            1. re: kukubura

              midcity is referring to the fact that WOW began in the greater New Orleans area -- covington to be exact. WOW wings, in my opinion, aren't very good. But at least it's better than Wing Zone. I've been wanting to try the place on claiborne, Wing Shack, because i haven't found a particularly good wing place in new orleans. people told me cooter brown's were good. cooter brown's is good for many things, but their wings are an abomination. i've also heard good things about jazzy wings, on lasalle near claiborne, but i haven't tried it either.


              1. re: Shiloh

                True story--I was with a friend in the LSU Interim Hospital ER recently for 12 hours on a Friday night. It was a relatively minor injury, and she was hungry. This young couple near us in the waiting room were eating chicken that smelled amazing, and they told us it was from Wing Shack. My friend convinced me to go get us some. We had the house wings, which have a dry spice mix--they were ok but the other flavors, in retrospect, looked better. Anyway, when I got back to the hospital, all these other people asked where we'd gotten our food, and then they all went out to Wing Shack too. The whole waiting room smelled like wings, but people were in a much better mood.

                1. re: midcity

                  As a Registered Nurse who did his clinical rotations at Charity, the smell of fried chicken was not unusual.

                2. re: Shiloh

                  I was going with the OP's suggestion for wings in/near Garden District. Also note I said pretty good. Def not the best I have ever had, but met the requirements. I guess WOW is somewhat like Popeyes in that they originated in NOLA and branched out from there. I will have to try the Wing Shack.

        2. Jazzy Wings is pretty good. I've only had them at the Freret market, so I don't if there little place is take-out only. Probably. Not in the Garden District, but not that far.